‘A Statistical Blip’


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Yesterday’s KBC Ireland/ESRI Consumer Sentiment Index

Uh oh.

Robert Shortt, of RTÉ’s Prime Time, writes:

Buried beneath the blizzard of boominess, the monthly KBC Bank Ireland/ESRI Consumer Sentiment Index for October produced a peculiar result.

It found ‘a surprising and substantial decline in October’ in consumer confidence [from 92.8 in September to 85.5 in October]. In fact, so surprising and substantial, that the authors of the Index speculate that it could be down to ‘a statistical blip’.

Of course, it could be the now familiar gap in perception between what people hear about the economy and what they feel (or don’t feel) in their pockets. Or maybe it’s the onset of winter. Or maybe it’s something in the water.

Prime Time’s Robert Shortt Blogs About the Latest Economic News (RTÉ)

Water charges uncertainty plays role in fall in consumer sentiment: KBC (RTE News, November 4, 2014)

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6 thoughts on “‘A Statistical Blip’

  1. Selfie Sensation

    Its all the fluoride in the water thats what is is*

    I’ll be protesting at the top of Grafton Street in my Boxers in the next 60 Minutes, come join me! make the guorenment listen!

    *Not really

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