The Signal Of Shame


wifiScreen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.34.15

Wi-fi signal this morning (top). Web Summit founder, Paddy Cosgrave (above), opening the second day of the event in the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4


Graph via feebe this morning.

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Desperate House Wi Fi

Pic: Patrick Kennedy

93 thoughts on “The Signal Of Shame

    1. Medium Sized C

      Well according to one nasal english man who I head speaking on the live stream yesterday (via some other guy), “the internet isn’t a technology, its a state of mind”.

      So I guess its alright then.

    2. Medium Sized C

      Also though, if you’re going to hear successful tech people speak, or see new companies or network, you can still get great benefit without the net.

      So in fairness, its still probably beneficial to a lot of them.

      1. Anne

        Yeah, great benefit to network without the net.

        Oh you mean network.. As in bullsh*t with others?

        A bullsh*tter can never cast their networking net too wide really, for ’tis beneficial like.

      1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

        A Web comeallya with little t’no WiFi

        Even I, a complete tech moron, can see the sillyness of that

  1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    50 CEOs had to be evacuated from Paddy Cosgrove’s house after he lit a fire and his chimney flute collapsed.

    REAL slick operation, hah?

    1. Tom Stewart

      If that’s true, then that is bloody hilarious. I’d like to see where that’s been reported though.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      ’50 CEOS’. Makes them sound like a species that roam around in packs of 50 looking for a house party.

    1. rotide

      LIamzero, Can you not see it’s “Rating” against “What i think is supposed to be time”


  2. John Jo

    Considering the type of people attending/ the scale of the event.
    Why haven’t they organised an alternative solution?
    I’m sure any provider would be more than happy to assist?

    1. scottser

      surely they could have picked up an oul internet and fired it in for a few days – you can get them 2nd hand on pretty cheap, i hear. and. i’m sure they’d find someone to plumb it in handy enough with everyone out of work now.
      and a grand a ticket? that’s one expensive internet cafe.

      1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

        And he has a PhD

        If he can carry off a t-shirt he’d be tagged as the preferred candidate

    1. delacaravanio

      A lot of them aren’t Irish, so they would have to pay data roaming rates, which are extortionate.

  3. Owen

    Ah Paddy, stop pointing fingers and put your hand up. Its your event. Scramble a solution, fix the problem. Its your event, your contract, your the host… not the RDS.

  4. Lilly

    What a fiasco. It got a great write-up in the Irish Times, ‘teething problems’ they called it, but a friend who attended yesterday said people generally were seething.

    1. Medium Sized C

      Tech people love to tweet about stuff that they are at.
      Its a pretty disastrous thing to happen.

      1. Buzz

        Seething. Loads of people hopping off to Starbucks on Shelbourne Road for the free wifi, only to be faced with the Americans rolling their eyes saying “only in Ireland”. Embarassing.

    1. bisted

      …this guy seems pretty good at shaking down all concerned with this event. As Jay Rayner revealed here a few weeks ago, even expecting speakers to appear for free. Hope RDS got paid up front.

  5. Drogg

    My office is around the corner from the RDS we have really fast broadband that id be will to rent out to any digital CEO’s.

  6. Mikier

    Does it need to be held in the RDS. Fair enough the RDS said they would handle the broadband, which he did not like, but if he did not like that could he not bring it somewhere else. Like the convention center?

    1. Medium Sized C

      That’s on the north side.
      You couldn’t have silicon valleys finest hanging around up there.

      1. Mikier

        I was going to say that, but you know, did not want to get away from the fact that your man is playing the blame game when he chose to have it in the RDS despite his reservations. Convention center is way more state of the art than the RDS.

        1. ABM

          Some of the commentary on here is disgraceful.

          Paddy is out there doing a good job and contributing massively to the economy (and wider society).

          None of us are perfect and we are all answerable for our actions and inactions (here on earth and in heaven), but would you ever feck off with your unfounded innuendo and commentary that is probably actionable to boot. You are only whining and moaning because he’s newsworthy at the moment – you’re probably stuck in your little cubicle worrying about what your stilletho-heeled boss might give out to you about, while the folks who’ve spent a lot of their own money to get to Dublin are having a bit of fun – how dare they.

          I don’t know Paddy Cosgrave, but I have met him a few times – he comes across as a decent sort of person, he’s hardworking, incredibly articulate and has highly developed social/communication skills. He’s a human with plans, hopes and dreams like the rest of us. I think you lot should have a bit more basic human respect.

          1. scottser

            1. he’s not doing a good job if he can’t get a simple thing like wifi sorted.
            2. yes no one is perfect but good luck getting mr cosgrave to admit his own failings
            3. my life is more amazing than you’ll ever know, @sshole.
            4. respect is earned, not a given. i haven’t heard anything from him that deserves mine.

          2. Lilly

            We can take it so ABM did not fork out cash for a ticket to the WEB summit. Naff off ABM, people are entitled to complain when they don’t get what they paid for. I suspect you’d be first in line to do so.

          3. ABM

            There are 3G COWS (cell on wheels) at the RDS all week. They do the rounds all year at Croke Park, Landsdowne Road, Electric Picnic, Galway Races, etc.

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        I don’t know the chap but I have to say the spamming was unreal. Going by the emails we were old school pals. They continue this week after I both unsubscribed AND directly told him to clear off.

        1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

          Maybe he thinks you’re important and must-have attendee

          Maybe he wanted you to speak or introduce someone fancy

          I feel left out now

  7. Starina

    if you can’t tweet, how are you tweeting?

    /mind blown

    my coworker went yesterday and reports that it’s “intense” but that “you won’t really learn anything about it because the talks are only 10-15 minutes long and they ask the kind of questions you can find out by Googling. but it looks pretty great if you’re a startup looking for investors”

    1. rotide

      They’re not supposed to be in-depth looks at everything, It’s about exposure and actual discovery of things.

        1. rotide

          I really do. It’s great.

          I’m not alone either Mani, apart from yore ma obviously, there’s a rather large amount of people who are very interested in it.

          Apart from the usual begrudger cnuts on here.

          1. jon

            It’s not really begrudgery though, is it? People have serious reservations about some of the business ‘practices’ of the organisers going all the way back to the Rock The Vote farce in 2007.

          2. rotide

            I’m not defensive about it really, I’m not even going.

            It’s just the groupthink here has tired of DoB, Bono and whoever else is the black sheep du jour and settled on this guy for no good reason. It’s been 2 days of LOLZ WIFI posts and no mention of the enormous amount of decent speakers and huge foreign attendance. (I know a few people who’ve been and everyone is obviously unhappy with the wifi, but they’re still going)

            As for the man himself, I don’t know him and there is certainly circumstantial evidence that he’s a bit of an eejit but who really cares? I don’t give a crap what the guy who runs glastonbury is like as long as its a good festival.

            The great ‘rock the vote farce of ’07’? WHO GIVES A TOSS. I understand that it might have ruined someones DIT SU presidency run, but really, the world keeps turning.

          3. cluster

            I’d often agree, rotide, but in this case I just can’t. Obv Paddy et al have done fantastically well to bring things this far (with a lot of background support from ‘Official Ireland’) but a web summit without internet access?

            Beyond embarrassing. Disgraceful really. I’d be annoyed if I went into a cafe and it didn’t have working wifi FFS.

  8. Mr. T.

    Almost every single person I have met at meetings which involve the digital media aspect of a project talk a whole load of balls and act as if they are the only people in the room with knowledge.

    They never deliver to brief.

  9. Tom Stewart

    Are the organisers depending ENTIRELY on wifi provided for by the RDS? For something called a Web Summit? Isn’t that really imprudent?

    Surely to God if you were running that thing, freely available Wifi would be in your top 3 priorities. Why not contact Three/Vodafone/Meteor and tell them to come out and set up a super-powerful Wifi hub, in addition to the RDS’? You’d obviously have to pay them handsomely, but I reckon it’d be worth it…

    1. ABM

      I don’t know any engineer who would certify such a system (1,000s of high tech multiple-device users who may/may not require high bandwidth simultaneously) at such short notice.

      WiFi is a mission-critical service for the event. You would need mission-critical systems in place – that requires planning and isn’t zero cost. I’m sure Vodafone/O2/etc. (and others) have guys they could send out and do something quickly, but the reputational risk of something going wrong would be too great.

      Sure this kind of WiFi can be done and has been done countless times before; but it’s not a case of heading down to Harvey Norman to buy 50 WiFi access points and connecting them together.

      1. scottser

        i’d say anyone in the rds right now could tell you what to install and how to install it. not our paddy tho..

  10. N00b

    Im curious as to why there is so much hate on here for Paddy Cosgrave? Can someone please go into some detail to things that have been hinted at over the past few days in the comments. I have attended the last two days and have guests staying with me for the Summit. General consensus seems to be that 20,000 is too big, the speakers time allowance are too short to really learn anything and the lack of wifi is an absolute joke.

    1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

      I’m quite curious myself now too

      Jon above suggests it goes back to 2007 and Rock the Vote

    2. ABM

      Relatively young good-looking man with a few bob, charisma and a bit of fame. Though I suspect his biggest crime is that he put Trinity College on his CAO form.

    3. cluster

      Some of the hate is common-or-garden begrudgery but I reckon Jim Jim is hinting at the primary reason below.

  11. Jim Jim

    As they say you better be nice to people on the way to the top because you’re gonna need them on the way down!

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