The Future Is Dial-Up


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The media part of the Web Summit in the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin today.

From top: Eric Lassard, 11, from Clondalkin, Dublin of; founder and CEO of Storyful, Mark ‘Moneybags’ Little; Mark with Europe Editor of TIME, Matt McAllester and head of news production at Vice News, Kevin Sutcliffe; Contributing Editor of Wired, Spencer Reiss; and BBC presenter and producer Anne-Marie Tomchak.

They may have lost our invite.

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Photocall Ireland

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35 thoughts on “The Future Is Dial-Up

    1. Optimus Grime

      Benedict Cumberbatch is a better Julian Assange than Julian Assange. Watch the fifth estate and tell me I am wrong!

  1. Medium Sized C

    An 11 year old with a self-help and motivational speaking bit.

    The world has actually gone mental.
    There really is no way back.

    How the fupp do I raise a kid in this?

    1. Mani

      Plug out everything in your house. Home school him/her. Even still, they’ll be warped by your own neuroses. At least with the world being a mental place you get to blame bad parenting on teh internet.

    2. Dhaughton99

      I was listening to someone during the week about their 8 year learning python programming. FFS.

      1. Medium Sized C

        Being an 8 year old who can code is not the same as being an 11 year old aspiring Tony Robbins.

        1. Anne

          We were made listen to Tony Robbins in a team meeting in work one time.
          Amazing stuff..
          I never imagined any one person had that amount of horsesh*t in them.

        2. Lisa

          Yes, I was doing bits of coding as a nipper (in BASIC because I’m geriatric) because it was fun and I could make my own crap games. That’s worlds away from being an infant motivational speaker, which I suspect is not fun for anyone except perhaps his pushy parents.

  2. John E. Bravo

    There’s something telling in regards to the position of white men in our kind of society that the full, and gloriously comical, gamut of age/experience is represented from that particular niche.

  3. teal

    I can’t believe this kid is speaking at the web summit. His mother was on a forum that I was on a couple of years ago and she was aggressive and relentless in her marketing of him. She was warned several times that she was breaching the T&C of the forum in her marketing of her son (his book, his talks, his ‘game’ ) and she was eventually removed. The creepy thing was she was always posting as ‘Eric Lassard – The Game Changer’, not as herself. She would post videos of him giving ‘motivational talks’ that were clearly scripted by an adult. It looked and felt like exploitation of her kid. But I guess the web summit organisers thought otherwise. This is the kind of stuff we were exposed to on the forum. We didn’t have to watch it, but I did give it a chance in the very beginning.

    1. C Sharp

      Something seriously wrong with an 11 year old professional motivational speaker and even wronger with anyone who would actually listen to him.

      1. Lilly

        I heard him on the radio a while ago and thought he was ludicrous. Yet another ‘thing’ that made me feel out of step with the world.

    2. Kieran NYC

      I can safely predict that that kid will have a very unhappy life.

      And his parents will have blown all the money by then, and probably have gone through a very acrimonious divorce (if there hasn’t already been).

      At least Macaulay Culkin has his filums to look back on.

  4. TomRed

    Not a beard in sight.
    Ok…the kid is excused. And the BBC presenter lady.

    But honestly? No facial hair on any of that panel? At a web summit?

    Summit wrong there..

    (I’ll get my coat)

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