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Bust Speakers by Sound Of Power – 20W bluetooth enabled marble composite amp speakers available in ‘St Vladimir’ Putin and Kim ‘Sunshine’ Jong-Un flavours, designed to work as a stereo set.

Limited to 100 pieces each, the No.1 and No.100 editions of St Vladimir sold at auction last month for  €6500 and  €4200 respectively. Early numbered Sunshine Kims start at a totalitarian €2,111.


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The media part of the Web Summit in the RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin today.

From top: Eric Lassard, 11, from Clondalkin, Dublin of ericlassard.com; founder and CEO of Storyful, Mark ‘Moneybags’ Little; Mark with Europe Editor of TIME, Matt McAllester and head of news production at Vice News, Kevin Sutcliffe; Contributing Editor of Wired, Spencer Reiss; and BBC presenter and producer Anne-Marie Tomchak.

They may have lost our invite.

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