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Who Took The Web From The Web Summit?


A show of hands this afternoon of those affected by  wi-fi issues at the Web Summit.

Pic: Emily


44 thoughts on “WTFi?

    1. ABM

      Never mind that Tony Hawk was skate boarding in Bushy Park the other day.

      It’s the balding “ideas” men who sit in Starbucks all day long sipping their black coffee because they can’t afford an office or a data plan who whine loudest about WiFi.

    2. Bobby

      It’s not begrudgery, it’s pointing out how badly the RDS have messed up the WIFI needs. It’s ridiculous that they still haven’t got it sorted.

        1. Pretendgineer

          “Web Summit”

          There’s a clue in the name and in the IT professionals/nerds that make up the majority of the audience.

          1. Gers

            Sorry but the REAL IT/nerds are in the IT Caves working away, not attending phoney coffee drinking session and pointless conf at the WS.

        2. Medium Sized C

          So you can tweet stuff about it.

          That isn’t being funny.
          People do that very often.
          Its basically normal.

          Or access some other form of networking platform, between sessions or when you are at one of the summits other things apart from presentations.

          Maybe to send someone an email about somethhing.

          Or…..and this is the big one….. to look up a web site.
          Being that 90%+ people at the web summit will be involved in some way in the running of at least one website, one might say that it is absolutely vital to be able to access the product.
          If you can’t imagine that, you should really just take my word for it.
          This is a colossal balls up for the web summit.

      1. Medium Sized C

        The graph could be considered ligh-hearted begrudgery, if you are one of those tools who hates their own culture enough to consider anything other than chicken-heading something to be begrudgery.

        That said, I wish people would stop blaming the RDS.
        It really is Web Summit HQ’s responsibility to ensure the event was right.

        1. DoM

          Unless the RDS insisted on supplying the WiFi, and refused to allow a third party to handle it. And unless the Web Summit guys then stuck a huge penalty clause in the contract to attempt to ensure, through financial incentives, that the WiFi was done right.



      1. ahjayzis

        I’m staggered that you’d begrudge your fellow countrymen their special word.

        Irish begrudgery is ‘ALIVE AND WELL’.

    3. ceo

      This is not begrudgery. I think it’s just genuine incredulity/concern at how this has occurred three days in a row, at what is an international showcase for the Irish tech industry. It has it’s detractors, but this event benefits the country IMO and it’s a shame that this bit of a fiasco has let the event down.

      1. DoM

        If the infrastructure was fundamentally wrong/lacking on day one, the chances of it being fixed over the course of the three days is pretty slim.

        As I’ve said before, WiFi at scale is really hard, and if they didn’t have competent specialists set it up in the first place they’re unlikely to have the time or resources to sort it out in such a short period of time.

  1. GiGi

    Is this why my UPC wifi has crawled to a snails pace in Ballsbridge???? Or am I sounding like a luddite? Please don’t answer that. : )

    1. Mani

      No. Just plug out your fridge and put the toaster in the dishwasher and you should be back to your usual capacity.

      1. GiGi

        Naaaaa! Those are only things I had to do in my old house during concerts and rugby matches in the Aviva. My last Wifi provider (cough Eircom) while on a pretty heated phone call after I’d had no service for about five weeks told me to “check for overhead wooden beams” as they can interfere with coverage as well as “has your neighbour had a baby?” “Sorry?” “If your neighbour has had a baby and is using a baby monitor then your WiFi will be disrupted.” Thanks for the extra advise Mani. ; )

      1. ahjayzis

        That’s for mobile network reception. For WiFi a half dozen ferret and a medium size chicken is yer only man.

  2. GiGi

    Taxi driver relation of mine told me that most requests he and his colleagues ever had for “ladies of the night” was during a recent political Ard Fheis.

          1. Mani

            ‘Deputy Nosferatu, will you please explain your insistence we bail out the blood banks in 2010?’

            ‘Well, If you’ll allow…’

            ‘Excuse me Tainaiste, my question was directed at your colleague’

        1. Mani

          Surely that would either be *bang bang* or *molest molest*, depending on which side of the family you’re referring to.

  3. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

    Those tweets are obviously from WebSum attendees ABM

    Are they not entitled to complain?

    Incidently, if I was there I would have left within an hour of opening. As I would any work conference where the seating is foldyup stacking chairs from a school hall.

    Its all very unseemly.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I was surprised at the chairs. And some other shoddy-looking structures like the charging stations.
      I’ve been to TED and this summit has a long way to go.
      Don’t get me wrong – I’m delighted it’s on and here and attracts some great minds, tech leaders and innovators.
      But I echo the ‘too many cut corners’ concern aired here yesterday.

      1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

        Yeah. We’re one on this Hoops.
        It is a marvellous event.
        But they made a show of us with the cheap as chips pennypinching policies

        Maybe I should speak at it next year ” why not every decion should be a financial decision”

        Yeah. I’ll do it for free. If they get John Cusack (or someone else on my I Would list) to do the intro.

        Sur the 18 takes me door to door.

          1. Frilly Keane, Anyone?

            An here
            You’d see better at a Macra Quiz Night Regional do.

            And the cheek of some to point fingers at the Ploughing and snigger.

            Paddy. I’ll Volunteer Non-Exec duties for One Calendar Year.

  4. MarcoPolo

    I congratulate Paddy Cosgrove and his colleagues for producing what is a very successful INTERNATIONAL conference. That said, WIFI is the last thing I’d expect to be the problem at the ‘Web Summit’. Its sort of nervous giggly unbelievable, in fact : (

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