Almost Benign



The practice of “fostering out” children as cheap labour on farms and in homes where they were often subjected to neglect, beatings and sexual abuse began in the 1850s and continued into the second half of the 20th century. By comparison, our own brutal institutional internment of orphans and the vulnerable children of the poor seems almost benign.

Oh really?

Swiss are coming to terms with the legacy of ‘contract children’ seized from single mothers (Patrick Smyth, Irish Times)

(Pic/context: BBC News)

(H/T: Ronan)

6 thoughts on “Almost Benign

    1. cluster

      Which are the bad points?

      One doesn’t have to be pro-RC to say that any wrongdoing they have been involved with generates much more publicity.

      I’m not religious so it doesn’t bother me but complicated issues like child sex abuse and Magdalen laundries have been simplified and used as a stick to beat the Church with.

      There is good justification for all this but both we in Ireland and the Western world doesn’t seem to be able to generate much concern when the children involved have not been abused/ill-treated by the Church (mass cover up of sex abuse by Brit police, intelligence agencies, media and political parties for example). Makes me worry that underlying issues haven’t really been addressed.

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