Broadsheet Trailer Park: Mike Basset Interim Manager



What you may need to know:

1. Mike Basset (2001) is back. Jorgen Mannstein the England team manager jumps ship to manage the German national football team, plunging the England set-up into turmoil.

2. Bassett finds himself anointed interim manager to take the England team through the 2014 World Cup finals having been previously appointed assistant manager by Mannstein to act as an intermediary between the English players and Mannstein’s German back room staff.

3. You can follow Basset’s career here. Some highs and lows there.

3. The trailer is part of a kickstarter fund to get the film made. Stump up and you too can be in it. They are half way there already.

4. Ricky Tomlinson is a stage name. His real name is Eric.

5. Eric did two years inside for conspiracy as part of union agitators ‘The Shrewsbury Two’.

6. Broadsheet Prognosis: Get in my son.

Release Date: TBC

(Delboy is trapped in his car. Dylan is Tom Dillon, Broadsheet writer and award winning photographer)

3 thoughts on “Broadsheet Trailer Park: Mike Basset Interim Manager

  1. Pablo

    Ricky Tomlinson is hardly a ‘stage name’ if his real name is Eric Tomlinson. That’s like saying Johnny Cash was the stage name of John Cash.

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