Who Threw That?



Jobstown on Saturday.

Irish Independent photographer Tony Gavin writes:

Anti Water Charges protestors have made allegations that I digitally altered a photo of a man throwing a brick at Gardai during a protest in Jobstown where Tanaiste Joan Burton was held captive in her car on Saturday. Above is the sequence of photos as I took them….

Tony Gavin (Facebook)



Bob Allen Peters writes:

It has been now confirmed to me by a friend of a serving Garda member, stationed in Tallaght, that the person involved in the brick throwing incident was a serving Garda Detective based in another Dublin City Garda Station. The Garda member was shown the images of the person throwing the brick and stated that the blue garment under the persons red jacket is a Garda issue Stab Vest, he had no doubts about that fact….



Bob Allen Peters (Facebook)

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144 thoughts on “Who Threw That?

          1. Dwayne Mc Donnell

            really?? The man is real as the picture is blurred around his body but yet the brick travelling faster than the mans body is completely clear, in the picture after the so called brick was thrown and seemingly hit the gards car on the back window, where is the brick on the ground?? where is the broken back window??

    1. Major Thrill

      No, no, this is serious stuff. I found some more interesting stuff broadsheet could mine his facebook feed for:

      “People have been using Sodium Bicarbonate for decades to cure Cancer but corrupt governments along with big pharmaceuticals stopped anyone from highlighting this fact.”

      “As I said many times before folks. Zionists Jews control the world. Here we have an America Jew deciding on the fate of Ireland.”

      1. Major Thrill

        Those are some of the only posts that aren’t entirely in capital letters. If facebook allowed you to post in green I have no doubt he would have.

          1. colmobrian

            ben gilroy of direct democracy is claiming to be treating his daughters cancer with the stuff. its on his facebook page if u dont believe me

    2. Miriam McNamara

      Eh….. that “stab vest” looks like underwear to me….. Seriously, if you look at the 2nd pic, you can clearly see his skin, which is photoshopped out in the “close up”

  1. D

    When one conspiracy theory fails run with another. It’ll be a remote control lizard throwing the rock by Friday.

      1. ahyeah

        Spot on.

        Let’s ignore the fact that Guards are servants of the state and society, tasked with protecting citizens and upholding law and order. So there are certain, pretty high standards expected of them. And the guy with the brick is just an idiot with a brick. And there are no expectations of him.

        1. Jimi

          Not to mention that the Garda are trained on how to behave in these situations, which either means that they are being trained to do this, they’re being told to ignore their training, or they’re failing to comply with their training and not be reprimanded for it.

          Where as a yob with a brick is a yob with a brick.

    1. Sam

      It’s not beyond the cops to do such stuff…. but generally if an undercover cop kicks something off, he usually doesn’t get arrested. According to the paper this guy was arrested on the day.
      Didn’t anybody follow up the arrests on the day?
      Fairly disorganised community/protest group if they didn’t.
      If the guy ends up not making an appearance in court… then it’s suspicious.

      1. John

        In “Running with the Firm” undercover cop James Bannon describes being arrested many times. Sometimes because the other cops didn’t know he was undercover and other times to protect his cover.

        1. Sam

          Lets see if he ends up summonsed to the District Court then, and named in the papers.
          I imagine for firing a brick at squad car the DPP won’t be letting him off with a warning.

        2. delacaravanio

          But undercover cops don’t wear standard issue stab vests for obvious reasons.

          Seriously, how thick are people that they believe this crap?

      2. Mister Mister

        FFS, the PIC of the guy highlighting what the looneys claim is a stab vest is the photo that’s been digitally altered. In the original you can see where his blue jocks end and T-shirt, top, whatever begins.

  2. Owen

    I’m wearing a blue t-shirt under my shirt today…… am I detective too, or do I need to throw a brick at my boss first?

    1. Sidewinder

      I’m also pretty sure they’re actually his jocks. There’s a hint of waistband at one point there and his jeans are so low you’d be seeing buttcrack if there were no jocks on display.

  3. DazzaMazza

    Yeeeeeeeeeeah Bob. And the brick was forged in the heart of mount doom and can only be destroyed by returning it to the fires in which it was created.

  4. everybody

    It seems out of context that one guy would seemingly randomly decide to run onto the road with a ‘brick’ and chuck it at a squad car… While wearing a well tucked in navy Under Armour top…

    1. ahyeah

      I have on good authority that it’s actually an entire street’s allocation of iodine tablets, congealed and compressed into a brick.

  5. danc

    I think that by far the most sinister development about all of this is that in the last picture, the brick-thrower’s hand is very clearly made from cartoon.

  6. David

    or it’s a navy t-shirt.

    but hey, if a guy who has posted all manner of conspiracy nonsense on his facebook pages says that an unnamed friend who is Garda has confirmed that a Detective Sargent (average age mid-50s) has risked their job to throw a brick at his colleagues in Jobstown while wearing a Stab Vest, then who are we to argue…

    1. David

      oh, and in that same post, “Bob” alleges that the brick throwing photos are also photoshops, a claim he has repeated several times on his fb page, so I guess we trust him rather than the guy who actually took the photos.
      …..and trust his account of a “Garda friend” and the so-called “stab vest”….

      1. Alfred E. Neumann

        You don’t have to read very far down his Facebook page before he’s banging on about Jews running the world, and the cure for cancer (baking powder) being suppressed by the world powers.

      1. Birneybau2

        Lads, Bob obviously knows what he’s talking about, sure he sees Jim Corr as a prophet…

        I have never read such unmitigated rubbish in my life.

  7. Franco

    Ah now, he did get the information from a reliable, verifiable source: “a friend of a serving Garda member”

  8. Alfred E. Neumann

    It may be the sequence of photographs as he took them, but how do we know they are in the right order? It could be a late sunbather springing up to catch a brick that has clearly been flung from a cop car.

  9. kurtz

    He also doesnt have a belt on his trousers, I hear some Gards don’t wear belts on their trousers.

    AND he appears to be breakdancing in the 4th picture. As we all know theres nothing an off duty detective loves to do more than break the dance.


    1. sickofallthisbs

      So if it happens in Canada it happens here? Excuse me, while I drizzle myself in Maple Syrup and become a Mountie.

  10. fFs

    eh..am I missing something here? Instead of conjecture over the tiny piece of material visible over his jeans…his face is right there…this is Ireland…someone will recognise him in two seconds flat

  11. Frilly Keane

    However way this washes out over the next 24hrs, one thing I’m convinced of is that we have to stop referring to the protests and the protesters as Anti Water

    Anti Water Charges was the trigger to what is now a whole out Anti Government movement

    Tick tick tick

    1. Same Old Guy

      Ah but you cant beat a little West Dublin sterotyping to create a cold negative feeling towards dirty trouble making water protesters. Funny to watch the mainstream media fudge which way they’re gonna swing on this one. No early publictaion press releases for dissidents. No inside info – to get that headline – from the friendly guard for those who go against the will of the powers that be. ‘Stay on page lads our ye’re out’

      1. Clampers Outside!

        That 10+ yr old story about the Garda uniforms found in the car boot of a supporter(s) of his….

        O’Snodaigh claimed no recent (he grew up with one) contact or knowledge of the persons who were later charged with membership of the Provisional IRA…..

        I never believe anything the SF say.
        Just like in recent times when SF rolled out Mary Lou and Pearse to deny any sexual allegations against SF/IRA months ago and then both have had to climb down from that denial…

        I’ll admit, I like to throw dirt at the Shinners, because I believe none of them can be trusted ever. Look at their double standards on water charges, one policy up north, another down south and Mary Lous’ admission in many interviews that she believes water should be paid for…. they’re just a bunch of double talking, self preserving, willing to say anything to save their organisation and put it ahead of the people …scumbags.

        I guess, you could say, I don’t like SF, I certainly don’t trust them at all.

        Never will. Only an imbecile would put faith in a party built on secrecy and self preservation of the party.

  12. Owen

    I expected more from the comments on this. I’m bored so far. We need an opinion! Where are all the pretentious hard-liners gone!

    Ok, I’ll start. I feel that him throwing the brick is metaphorically equal to the guard throwing that bird with the specks, in that his anger is misguided, pointless and deserves consequences.

    Any takers?…

  13. ec

    Independent Newspapers reports immediately after the incident when photo was published said this guy had been arrested. Not a peep since on the subject. Also why did photographer or paper block face of brick thrower in image where it is visible?

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      Also, why two Israeli looking guys high fiving each other from rooftop of Chinese take-away?!?

    2. DazzaMazza

      Was there a second brick thrower?
      Also how can a guy with seemingly so little training throw a brick so well.

  14. pissedasanewt

    Looks like the window is broken before the brick is thrown, but the break increases a bit to the right. What i really want to know is there somebody fat sitting in the right rear seat? It definitely looks like the Garda car is weighted down on that side.

  15. AG

    Why are we not focusing on the fact that despite being at point blank range, the protester appears to have missed the Garda car with his brick? Surely his awful aim should be the focus of the story??

  16. ConorD

    Going by the sequence of the photos the brick takes an unusual route out of frame!
    1.In hand
    2. Mid air
    3.About to hit the back window
    4. On top of the car roof
    5.On the ground beside the front tyre

    1. Sam

      I’d say that photo 3, while it looks lined up for the window, the brick isn’t as close as you think, and the car is moving slowly, so it might have impacted the back door, and then bounced up and over as the Garda hit the brakes.

      In photo 3, the brick isn’t reflected in the window, so it’s not as close as one might assume from the camera angle. (note that in earlier photo the brick outline is reflected on the side of the Garda van…)

      1. Disasta

        You can see he throws at the very back of the Garda van.

        The brick is on a rising trajectory but by the time it is within about 2 food of the car the brick is far lower and thus on a downward trajectoy finally hitting what appears to be the rubber part of the window on the right side (doing some damage it appears but the image is poor in that location) and boucing sidewards and upwards.

        The guy can’t throw for sh!t is basically what the story should be.

  17. Goosey Lucy

    Can’t believe I’m even replying to Bob here but….
    Bob- if you look closely I.e. Zoom in, on the second pic you can see skin just above the blue “stab vest” and just below his horrible mint green t shirt.
    Also – his “stab vest” is creasing too- which would make it rather flimsy for a stab vest, wouldn’t it?!?
    Looks like a v ill fitting pair of jocks to me.

  18. Frilly Keane

    Three vans and a patrol car?

    Were they empty and just left there for a Classic Parking attempt.

    Or were they cover…. ….

    Anyone film where the lad with the navy girdle went after lobbing the brick?

    1. Frilly Keane

      And annudder ting

      Is it a brick? Squeeze in close on it. Its longer thinner and narrower than the red bricks in my gaff. And with way too many vents. And I’ll be honest.

      It looks like the stinky manky foam you’d see exposed in a waiting room public bench.

  19. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    Falling over while chucking the brick makes him look like an awful gobdaw. An awful violent gobdaw.

  20. Louis Lefronde

    Oh Mother of God….someone call the men in white coats….

    Since when has a navy t-shirt been a stab jacket?

    Keep reaching…….

  21. gav

    Fails to break glass and falls over on his ass on the turn around – then rubs his hands together like “job-well-done” – no wonder he can’t get a real job – can’t even do vandalism right.

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      He is rubbing his hands with glee at the thought the promotion to superintendent he has just earned – unless the JEWS do him out of it again.

  22. Niallo

    Bet it was a trick rubber brick…

    Notice how it “bounced” off the rear windscreen and up over the car ???
    Bit on the light side for a housebrick.

    Elvis doing a great job at protecting his identity there.

    Pass the scotch.

  23. Spaghetti Hoop

    So we have a Garda whistle-blower about a Garda brick-thrower?
    (There’s a limerick in there, Moyneser)

    1. Frenchfarmer

      The majority of police officers just want to keep the peace but there are a few who will do anything possible to create an “us and them” situation so they can excuse and enjoy their steroid fuelled psychotic behaviour.
      Drug tests for cops?
      If they are anti drugs they should prove it.

  24. Gerard Murphy

    The first picture to feature on the SINDO site was the last picture here, i.e the picture used to highlight the brickie’s vest/shorts or whatever ! In that picture the back of the Garda van is not visible…..in all the pictures taken by Irish Independent photographer Tony Gavin the back of the Garda van is visible ! Were there two photographers?

  25. paul

    The protesters look like a bunch of clowns when on TV.. The lads thar are organizing these protests would wanna get the act together! Standing there shouting slogans and jumping infront of cars just ain’t gonna cut it!! Your loosing the battle as when this gets displayed on TV it just looks like the same people doing the same thing like they have nothing else to do! When the gards slip up or stuff like this happens they need to be followed up or what’s the point..

  26. pj

    Am I the only wondering, How the hell did he miss from there? I hope he’s not a cop because if he can’t hit the back windscreen of car from 8 feet he wouldn’t be much good at catching criminals!! Meanwhile we are still being ripped off by private banks, billionaires and career politicians but we absolutely MUST find out who threw the brick!!

  27. AK

    Garda issue stab vest only come as far above there waist as to be able to sit in a car with them on. They only come to the level of the belly button! Firstly they are quite bulky and you would be unable to tuck them into your jeans and secondly they don’t come down this far.

  28. Johnny B

    Elvis just confirmed that it was indeed a Garda. The SixOne will go live to Elvis this evening for more.

  29. martco

    interesting…..the famous brick photo has been scrubbed from the Indo’s facebuke page

    does not exist

  30. Peter

    The whole country stands behind that brick. Even they’re own garda members. They also have families and bills to pay. Gards should stand on people’s side and sing the same song together…. ” you can shovel water meter up your arse “””
    Polish community is with you!

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