Can You Keep Ger Comfortable?


Ger 1

German Shepherd ‘Ger ‘


In return he’ll keep you company.

Win win.

Dogs Trust writes:

Ger is a beautiful 9 year old German Shepherd. Poor Ger was found straying; cold, hungry and completely emaciated, he was in terrible condition and massively underweight. Our amazing vet staff and carers at Dogs Trust have helped nurse him back to health and he’s looking and feeling so much better.

Ger’s story, unfortunately doesn’t end there. Ger became quite ill recently and we discovered a problem deep in his abdominal cavity and we’re unsure just how long Ger will remain symptom free.  All we can do now is keep Ger as comfortable as possible and closely monitor his welfare. Despite this, Ger is full of positivity and the sweetest, most loving and affectionate fella you could ever meet! He’s hugely popular here with both the staff and the other dogs!

We would love to give Ger the opportunity to live out the rest of his days in a home, a home he should have had from the very start. He would understandably need a quiet home to help him through this difficult time and he’s great with other dogs, so as long as they’re not too bouncy and playful, he’d happily live with a fellow canine companion. please call our rehoming centre on 01 8791000 or email

Dogs Trust

Thanks Annie Whittier

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13 thoughts on “Can You Keep Ger Comfortable?

  1. Starina

    aww. big baba. what an expressive face. I’d take him if I had the space. Will post this on FB — hope he finds someone to help him be happy for however long he’s got left!

  2. ahjayzis

    He’s a beaut. I hope he finds somewhere nice.

    I really wish I had the flat/working hours to responsibly foster dogs – I love them so much more than people >_<

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