Was It Forge This?



On Sunday night’s Countryfile on BBC One, Shauna Lowry met 94-year-old Castledawson blacksmith Barney Devlin who inspired Seamus Heaney’s poem ‘The Forge‘.

The BBC has been criticised for using subtitles.

Blatant condescension or an essential service?

YOU decide.

BBC slammed for using subtitles for Castledawson man in Countryfile programme (Mid-Ulster Mail)

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18 thoughts on “Was It Forge This?

  1. Christopher

    Oh come on! I lived in the North for many years- this man is VERY hard to understand. Even with the subtitles!

      1. Sidewinder

        His dentures aren’t helping either. They sound a little loose, makes people way harder to understand and I’d say interferes with the recording too.

  2. ahyeah

    Have seen pieces featuring travelers on RTE that were subititled. And recall too going to see Some Mother’s Son in a cinema in New York – parts of that had subtitles. Suppose that’s different though.

  3. Rungmc

    I could have done with subtitles during Interstellar, and whenever Ian McKellan is talking. Whisper acting; how I loathe thee.

  4. Sidewinder

    It’s fair enough. I’ve lived in Cork my whole life but I could have done with subtitles at some points in The Wind that Shakes the Barley.

  5. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    I love Countryfile. I could mostly make out what he was saying, but the subtitles helped.

  6. Murtles

    Now come on, the anvil is a unicorn? I would have never had got that without subtitles and probably would have remained shouting at the TV demanding to know the meaning for some time thereafter.

  7. Jupiter

    Bring back “Bon voyage” with Shauna, Cathal O’Shannon and some other fella. Repeats obviously. Or Shanua could go back and redo the bits Cathal done- RIP.
    Loved watching that show…..

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