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This afternoon.

Further to RTE’s cuts announcement

Deaf community activist Micheál Kelliher writes:

RTÉ…What’s your plans with subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing people?

If you shut down #Aertel (888 for subs) and they are not using TV setboxes, etc, how can you ensure them to have access to subtitles?


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On Sunday night’s Countryfile on BBC One, Shauna Lowry met 94-year-old Castledawson blacksmith Barney Devlin who inspired Seamus Heaney’s poem ‘The Forge‘.

The BBC has been criticised for using subtitles.

Blatant condescension or an essential service?

YOU decide.

BBC slammed for using subtitles for Castledawson man in Countryfile programme (Mid-Ulster Mail)