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Rachel Lavin, of The Story, reports:

Over €50,000 has been spent making videos promoting government policies go viral on social media, in which Taoiseach Leo Varadkar features heavily.

A sample of 15 such videos were paid to reach 14 million views on Twitter and Facebook, with the Taoiseach featuring heavily in nearly 20% of the footage as he informs the public about topics ranging from the Budget and Project Ireland 2040 to softer campaigns such as Bliain na Gaeilge and the Rugby World Cup bid.

The government under Leo Varadkar has increased its self-production of media, with the use of videos on social media having increased nearly 250% since his taking office.

Varadkar star of Government’s paid-for Viral Videos (Rachel Lavin, The Story)

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The screechy, clucky, brain-liquefying, Ylvissy/Psy-esque viral single by Chinese pop star Wang Rong, to wit:

(via Google Translate) Wang Rong latest Divine Comedy “chick chick” MV premiere! In the creation of this song, the song of the concert, there is a very daring stunt, lyrics melody part from start to finish no more than five words, chickens, hens, rooster, cuckoo day. Singing subversive uses a variety of sounds were imitating animals, listening to really feel the joy when the farm and see the animals in the song and dance group.”

Expect to see and hear it everywhere.



phantomOr ice slipping guy? Or Dancing Garda? Or indeed Awesome Saturday Night Audience Guy.

Our nation turns it’s lonely eyes to you.

Coming soon: The Irish Internet Legends Tour.

Joe and Keith of Phantom 1052 explain:

We’re gathering together the following people:
· The taxi driver who danced along to Get Lucky in a Dublin street
· The ‘ah here leave it out’ lady
· The man who famously slipped on ice during an RTE news report
· The man who wiped his brow with a 50 euro note, also during a news report, at the Galway Races
· The Garda who danced on stage at the Indiependence music festival
· The ‘audience legend guy’ from the Saturday Night Show
· The Cork pothole swimmer
We’d like to people to help us track them down, especially the ‘man who slipped on ice’ as he seems quite reluctant to be found, and bring them to a live stage show setting.
We’re going to interview them about their experiences, get an insight into what motivates them, and of course have them recreate their famous acts We’d like people to get in touch with us to suggest any figures that deserve to be added to the list. We’ve already successfully contacted some of these but it’s time to cast the net out and seek assistance from the public! People can email joeandkeith@phantom.ie or follow us on twitter @joeandkeith


Joe and Keith (Phantom 1052) 


Behold: ten thousand iPhone5 dominoes (a quick calculation reveals at least €6.7 million worth of hypno-candy right there) all kitted out with Apple’s not-yet-available Near Field Communication (NFC) feature.

Not really. Only the first iPhone in this video from Aatma Studios is real. The rest are CG. Aatma has officially sanctioned form in this regard.