Staying In Tomorrow Night?



Maíria Cahill and Sinn Féin leader, Gerry Adams

Melanie O’Connor writes:

Maíria Cahill has been making the headlines for the past five weeks. This week on The Saturday Night Show, Brendan O’Connor meets the woman behind the headlines who says she’s been living in fear since she went public with her story.


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35 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow Night?

  1. Terry Crone

    Mairia says SF wouldn’t let her co-operate with the police, yet she left SF over them supporting the police, to join, and be National Secretary of, the Dissident group, RNU.

    -That does not add up at all, at all. But who cares??! Let’s have one of the main writers of the Sindo (the rabidly anti-SF comic) give her free reign in an interview that won’t mention RNU!!!

    Don’t think about this, because we’re now in the upside down world where if you think & question then you’re an unthinking shinnerbot!

    So, are we clear? No thinking. Fianna Fail will be back in no time. It’s what we deserve.

    1. Sidewinder

      Fianna fail is not the only alternative to sinn fein and fianna fail not being good enough does not make sinn fein good enough by default. They’re pulling the exact same stuff as labour up north ffs.

      1. Terry Crone

        Fiann Fail? THAT”s what you took from my point??

        Haha – aRe Not U missing something?


        The Dissident group, who oppose the police, whose former National Director, confidante of Tony Catney, left SF because SF supported the police, yet is about to sit opposite Brenny & tell, one more time, that they wanted to go to the police, but SF wouldn’t let them.

        RNU hate SF. Sindo hate SF. Brenny writes half the Sindo.

        Yep, nothing to see here. As you were.

      1. Mé Féin

        Was there a joke? Or was it Indo hacks making stuff up again? A link to the actual joke or video might help.

  2. dhaughton99

    If the talking heads done their due diligence on this story, they might not be so quick to judge. This whole incident is going to bite a lot of people on their ar$e, and it won’t be SF.

  3. Wayne Carr

    Who is going to lead the next government? Fine Gael? Fianna Fáil? Are people really going to vote either of those parties back in?

    1. Dubloony

      I’d say FG & some other configuration that could include FF.
      No major party wants to be the ones that put SF in any capacity.
      Independents are too all over the place form any barely stable government.
      Next government could be very short lived if highly unstable.

      And SF are not a normal party. Ignoring their history, just looking at what they are up to at the moment, the Northern executive is barely functioning, they’ve had to bring in the US again to help them talk to each other.
      They refused to face up to economic reality risking 100 million stg fine. They have to implement austerity there.
      Public sector is 70% of GDP, private sector in NI lagging way behind.
      SF funding under question about how they use their expenses, sales from IRA memorabilia raising 200K stg a year (the party of peace!), fund raisers in US, UK & Australia, the myth of the”taking the average industrial wage”.
      Oh, and the the marxism.
      If this was any other party they would have been booted out long ago.
      If they want to be part of mainstream, expect the questions to keep on coming.

      Its not like they drop breeze blocks on peoples knees anymore.

      1. Wayne Carr

        They make money out of republicanism, in the same way as the state does. I wonder criticism them for that. They also have a slightly troublesome government partner up the north. Again, not their fault.

        Their rapist protecting leader, who used to be in the IRA. That might be an issue now…

  4. abaddon

    If this woman produced some evidence to back up her allegations she might actually be credible.

    Her new twitter avatar looks like it was produced by the same company that came up with the Irish Water logo.

    More Sindo ‘journalism’ being spewed out on RTE. I wonder who Brendan O’Connor writes for on sundays…….

          1. abaddon

            So far I have seen none though Cahill has said she has. And that’s the issue here.

            Cahill had the opportunity to have her allegations and evidence put to test in a court of law and at the last minute she collapsed the case . She chose to go to the media instead and has avoided any medium that would test her allegations.

            Furthermore she then to added to her allegations by alleging a cover up by Mr. Adams and SF.

            The fact that Cahill was a member of a political group vehemently oppesed to Mr. Adams + SF and has gone to likes FG and IN&M further undermines her credibility in my opinion.

            Something as serious as this shouldn’t be about opinion. It is a legal matter and should be dealt with in a court of law.

          2. Don Pidgeoni

            Right, so she won’t have evidence. Going to court about historical abuse claims is so so so tough. Not sure I would put myself through it especially when my ‘evidence’ is deemed to be lacking by Joe Bloggs and the whole thing is written off as political game playing. No chance it could be both.

  5. Hashtag Diversity

    Surely: “In The Name of the Fada”. How come Séamas de Faoite could get a fada on his own name, but not Maíria on the poster? Even BS could do it. Eventually.

  6. delacaravanio

    And so the fusion of Brendan O’Connor’s Sunday Independent and television careers are complete.

    The fact I pay a TV licence tax for this shite really frustrates me.

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