Meanwhile, In Cork


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Taoiseach Enda Kenny is met by more than 200 protesters in Blackpool, Cork this morning where he announced 120 new jobs at Xanadu.

And they thought it was all over.

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Enda Kenny jeered by water charge protesters in Cork (Irish Times)

Videos by Joe Leogue and David O’Sullivan


Inside the Xanadu office, Gavin O’Reilly, of Today FM, reports Mr Kenny saying:

“We’re very happy that Ireland will measure up here because the scheme is being designed specifically for this purpose. And, as I say, Europe’s only involvement now is purely for statistical reasons… Government did listen, after Government admitted that it certainly didn’t get everything right here. And it’s dealt with the question of the PPS, and it’s dealt with the question of the bonus regimes, and it’s dealt with the question of what happens after 2019.”

Taoiseach jeered by large crowds at Cork demo (Gavin Reilly, Today FM)


A new video of the protest showing the crowds turn their backs to Mr Kenny and singing, ‘In Cork, he’d be known as a langer’.



25 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Cork

  1. Soundings

    In Xanadu did Enda K
    A super quango decree
    Where Irish Water ran
    Through fiascos, measureless to man
    Down to an ignominious fini

    1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

      One day, the pigs invite neighboring human farmers over to inspect Animal Farm. The farmers praise the pigs and express, in diplomatic language, their regret for past “misunderstandings.” The other animals, led by Clover, watch through a window as Mr. Pilkington and Napoleon toast each other, and Mr. Pilkington declares that the farmers share a problem with the pigs: “If you have your lower animals to contend with,” he says, “we have our lower classes!” Mr. Pilkington notes with appreciation that the pigs have found ways to make Animal Farm’s animals work harder and on less food than any other group of farm animals in the county. He adds that he looks forward to introducing these advances on his own farm. Napoleon replies by reassuring his human guests that the pigs never wanted anything other than to conduct business peacefully with their human neighbors and that they have taken steps to further that goal. Animals on Animal Farm will no longer address one another as “Comrade,” he says, or pay homage to Old Major; nor will they salute a flag with a horn and hoof upon it. All of these customs have been changed recently by decree, he assures the men. Napoleon even announces that Animal Farm will now be known as the Manor Farm, which is, he believes, its “correct and original name.”

      1. cluster

        I’m sure your snippet of Orwell is a devastating zinger on those not fervently anti-water charges but could you possibly explain to us slower folk at the back of the class how a critique of the excesses of an authoritarian communist govt applies in this case?

  2. Hashtag Diversity

    Those Cork puffs outshone by the Dubs again. Come on, ye langers, don’t let Jobstown go down in history as Joan Burton’s Stalingrad (she can ask Gilmore about Stalin).

  3. Dash Rickwood

    Does our minister for employment not get a bit irked that Enda goes around announcing jobs as if he’s done all the work? He seems like a bit of a fink to me. Certainly wont be offering him a job in my place when he starts sending CVs around.

    1. cluster

      Doesn’t everyone get mildly but silently irritated when their boss takes all the credit for their work.

      Even when, as in thus case, it’s not all your work at all.

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