Kadınlar. Senin Yer Biliyorum


00067498 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pictured with Martin McAleese at Áras an Uachtaráin in 2004

Turkey’s president has declared women are unequal to men in his latest controversial comments on women’s rights.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan said putting men and women on an equal footing was “against human nature”.

“They were created differently. Their nature is different. Their constitution is different,” he told a summit on women and justice in Istanbul, attended by his daughter Sumeyye.

“You cannot get women to do every kind of work men can do, as in Communist regimes.

“You cannot tell them to go out and dig the soil. This is against their delicate nature.”

“Our religion has defined a position for women (in society): motherhood,” Mr Erdogan said.

“Some people can understand this, while others can’t. You cannot explain this to feminists because they don’t not accept the concept of motherhood.

The president has previously declared that every woman in Turkey should have three children and proposed limitations on abortion rights and the morning-after pill.

In August, he criticised a female journalist, telling her she should “know her place”.

Mr President, the Iona Institute called.

They’d like their policies back.

Turkish President Says Men and Women Not Equal (Sky News)

Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland

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79 thoughts on “Kadınlar. Senin Yer Biliyorum

    1. bisted

      …I think George Bush and his attempt to bully the EU into fast-track membership for Turkey put paid to that years ago.

  1. Don Pidgeoni

    If he thinks women are delicate, he should have gone to the bathroom immediately after me on Sunday morning. Nothing delicate about the next day after a few stouts

          1. Sidewinder

            One of my pet hates in life is that you exist, but hey, that’s life eh?

            Also I’m with Don, is fat the best you can do? Come on, try harder and you get to use phrases like “wizard’s sleeve” or something about cobwebs.

          2. Pablo

            Crassness is generally ill-advised when used for its own sake, or to shock, or to make some superficial point.

          3. Don Pidgeoni

            Oh come on! Fat is best you can do? Don’t you have more things to tell me to do as a woman first?

        1. Anne

          Hey Jock, seeing as how we’re asking personal questions, are you a fat middle aged baldy, with a teeny wheeeny winchy.. uh, IQ? You are, aren’t you?

          Hurry back now, when the wife allows you won’t ya..

          1. ahjayzis


            She’s either frigid as a nun or our Jock’s a confirmed bachelor and mammy’s best boy, because that attitude doesn’t come from someone getting an adequate amount of touch.

  2. kurtz

    He’s a class act.

    Letting Kurds get slaughtered by ISIS metres away from his border, while his army watches.

    At least Kurdish women take up arms and go fight, nothing delicate and weak about them.

    1. Bejayziz

      It’s a bit different to invading a sovereign countries land in the name of “helping” someone…saying that I do hate Erdogan, he has been nothing but bad news for Turkey and Secularism

  3. scottser

    a mate of mine lived in turkey for a while. if you’re a male and you want to get laid then you either a/ get married b/ hire a hooker or c/ get off with another male. sure, you’d be glad of a scaldy hun all the same.

  4. Insertus

    At least he didn’t write it into his constitution …

    Art 41.2

    2 1° In particular, the State recognises that by her
    life within the home, woman gives to the State a
    support without which the common good cannot
    be achieved.
    2° The State shall, therefore, endeavour to ensure
    that mothers shall not be obliged by economic
    necessity to engage in labour to the neglect of
    their duties in the home.

  5. Paolo

    They were created differently. Their nature is different. Their constitution is different,” he told a summit on women and justice in Istanbul, attended by his daughter Sumeyye.

    Fair enough. Men and women do seem to have some differences here and there.

    You cannot get women to do every kind of work men can do, as in Communist regimes.

    Erm … ok

    Our religion has defined a position for women (in society): motherhood

    Ok, this guy’s a loon.

  6. Anne

    Here’s hoping he meets a butch biker one, down some dark alley some evening, who’ll dissuade him of that delicate nature nonsense.
    A little flower with steel toed capped boots on preferably.

      1. ahjayzis

        At a guess – a shared disregard for the abilities of people who aren’t white,straight, joyless, repressed catholic/muslim drones to decide upon and live their own lives.

        A guess, like.

        1. bagpuss55

          your conflating the iona institute with (pretty) extreme islamic views.
          how many catholic groups have been in the news for beheadings recently?
          go out and get some of it.

  7. rotide

    I’ve read this headline out loud a couple of times and don’t get it.

    I’m now worried I’m saying something rude without hearing it.

    1. Caroline

      You don’t need to translate it if you just look at the structure. One word sentence followed by three word sentence, on a story about wimmin being all intrinsically different. Come on, you can do this.

  8. Diddley Aye

    Its the noise a Turkish man makes when hes groped by an Irish divorcee. Roughly translates as ” O Holy Falafel, I wont be needing them 72 virgins”

    1. scottser

      the poor turks. imagine living in a society that will never know the joys of ‘mickey money night’ in coppers.

  9. Happy Molloy

    he has a point, it’s not sexist to recognise differences between sexes.
    the sexes, generally, have strengths over the other. for instance you don’t see female block layers, and you don’t see many male creche workers.

    nothing wrong with that, as long as there are no barriers to entry for either sex which would be sexist. recognising differences isn’t sexist

    1. Ms Piggy

      what aspect of creche work is it that you think men are intrinsically unable for? You know creche workers don’t breastfeed the kids, right?

      1. Happy Molloy

        didn’t say they were unable for it, they are totally able for it, but generally don’t go for it and a large reason would be many men see that their strengths would lie elsewhere.

        men and women, for the most part, tend to have different strengths. that’s what’s so fantastic about us :-)

        1. ahjayzis

          You’re disregarding any kind of socialisation there, though.

          Boys in general are brought up in one way, in one direction, and girls in another, more ‘practice with this plastic baby and tiny buggy there, chicken’ way.

          1. Ms Piggy

            All of them? Every time? What about the girl who kills a caterpillar? Does that call her gender into question?

        2. Ms Piggy

          But if it’s a choice rather than an inability, then it’s as likely to be cultural as genetic. Like the pink/blue thing.

          1. Happy Molloy

            Yeah social conditioning is huge, agree with you.
            but we still have natural urges too, men, generally, feel the urge to provide and that’s why so many become so depressed when they feel they can’t provide for their families. as do women of course but I think men more so. and I know enough women to know that their bodies literally ache for a child past a certain age, not always but a lot.
            these are instinctual differences.

            for the record I think yer man in Turkey is a pig but I think we should appreciate and enjoy each others differences without it being discriminatory

  10. nellyb

    Being a politician Erdogan is a vote wh0r£ ; yes, he is elected by provincial religious conservatives, but unlikely to push through any regressive legislative stuff, because wombmen are voters too. Unfortunately for him.

  11. Soundings

    The Gardai in Drogheda agree wholeheartedly with the Turkish president. After an attack on a jogger on a well-used river path last Thursday morning at 9am (the young mother fought the attacker off after she was knocked into the river and he attempted to remove her clothes), the local Gardai advised women not to jog, or walk alone. There was no other qualification to the advice like no jogging alone in the dark or in remote locations or anything like that. Plainly, wimmin in this country need male protection whenever they walk outside their doors.


    1. Hashtag Diversity

      No comparison. What did you expect the Gardai to say “All men, stop attacking women”? The reality is the Gardai are there to protect everyone and giving practical advice is part of that. I bit like they give to men and women all the time. Jogging alone requires *everybody* to be careful, not just of human predators, but other dangers.

      You’re obviously an interior type.

  12. Geoff

    This bigotry needs to be treated with the same contempt as it would rightly arouse if he spoke about a race , ethnic or minority group in the way he speaks about women. Claiming religion or culture dose not give licence for discrimination.

    1. One Dub

      Hear, hear!

      The sooner the rest of you stop dishing out this sh*te the sooner I can stop having to deal with the backlash.

    1. One Dub

      For the benefit of the slower ones out there, and there’s plenty of you, I’m being sarcastic.

      Thank you for not getting your knickers in a twist.

      1. One Dub

        -If there are any boys out there wearing knickers, please understand that I wasn’t addressing you. I’m just winding up the girls, okay?

    2. Caroline

      Torah Scrolls for Her. So discreet, you can fit them in your purse – for those embarrassing moments when your vagina is getting in the way of you praying.

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