Meanwhile, In Cobh


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Russell Heights (top) and Rushbrook Manor (above), Cobh, Co Cork this afternoon

Gavin Sheridan, of The writes:

A Variety of party political backgrounds. A week on from [Environment Minister] Alan Kelly’s speech and no sign of people leaving. Ready with tea and food, local residents run on shifts with over 200 houses in estate.

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20 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Cobh

  1. Paolo

    Why don’t they want to pay for the water that they use?
    Why are they not interested in water conservation?

    Protest against double payment, not water meters.

    1. Dubloony

      I’ll bite !
      Double payment is a red herring. It was in place up until now but obviously didn’t work.

      We have a crumbling infrastructure that needs to be addressed, local authorities for whatever reasons couldn’t / wouldn’t do it.
      Full list of unplanned works / burst water mains here:
      And we’re not in full winter mode yet.

      For €60/€160 per year this can be sorted out for the long term. The meters help identify where the leaks are.
      The protesters have largely won their case.

      IW isn’t going to be disbanded, charges are not going away. Long term water security is the goal.
      So what are they doing this for now?

  2. Banotti

    Again, they missed all of the big events that mattered. Their activism is not needed now and is counter productive.

      1. Spartacus

        Paolo, Kill The Poor, and Banotti. Some of the usual suspects. Just ignore them, they’re barking at the moon at this stage. It really boils their piss that the citizenry won’t just shut up to fupp and be nice compliant little fools any longer.

        1. martco

          ah yeah, has no affect whatsoever just pointing out the obvious I guess

          I work with lots of people like this who throw a pile of words at .ppt slide to fill it out….empty people with large egos and more importantly they’re incompetent

          I will be marching on the 10th and using my vote in the upcoming GE

          1. Banotti

            A more obvious explanation is that you can’t understand perfectly meaningful statements from myself and I’m guessing your superiors at work.

  3. Banotti

    Why Ireland is fu*cked and its not the banks, bondholders or Irish water.

    At the end of 2006, pretty much the peak of the bubble the Irish government planned to spend half a billion more than they took in for 2007. Expenditure actually went up 13% in a single year which wasn’t unusual for the previous half decade. In the end, despite revenue hitting record levels, they recorded a 1.6 billion deficit. Rather than trying to rebalaance the economy and revenue streams away from property taxes and being cautious spending such an unreliable income stream they pushed it out to the maxium every single year. We are still trying to wind back this decade of reckless spending.

    1. Fergus the magic postman

      Paolo, Kill The Poor, and Banotti et al: Are you guys on some payroll for these consistently poor and repeated contributions?
      Is the goal to make opinion look balanced?
      It’s not working. The smell of blue around this place sometimes.

    1. MrMe

      Half of the towns around the harbour pump sh1t in to the water but……
      This is what will be good out of a managed water service

      I will pay if they refund the taxes that they are already taking for water services but I wont pay unless they sort this out once and for all. I wont go to any demonstrations or stand outside my house abusing work men putting in meters but I just wont pay till it becomes transparent and above board

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