Irish Water protest this afternoon in Cork City.

More as we he gets it.

Gavin Sheridan

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39 thoughts on “Rebel Red

  1. The Insight

    Looks like a load of people shopping for Christmas to me, with a few of the usual “Down with this sort of thing” signs thrown in.

    1. lawless Frilly Keane

      Ah yeah. Sur that’s all it is.
      Town is like that every Saturday. Black or whatever.

      Yep that’s all it is. Sur those banners n posters were all there from the last day.

      Back under the duvet now. Thats a good boy. Its still all under control.

      Tick Tock Tick Tock.

      1. The Insight

        Ah yes indeed. In typical fashion, anyone who is remotely critical is a shill, a lemming or in some way oblivious to a greater evil plan being directed by de rich, de bankers, de quangos etc etc. All this rising of the people, revolution rubbish is typical of socialist idealism. Plenty of blame game and finger pointing but f*ck all alternatives.

        You keep telling yourself that a big change is on the way if that’s what keeps you going. Stay detached from reality and personal accountability so you can keep blaming “the man” for all your woes.

          1. lawless Frilly Keane

            Meh I can do better
            Just not arsed

            And since I upset a few of your pals here last week
            ‘Thought I’d lay’ve ye at it

            Its actually funnier than I thought

            Watching ye try not to slip up again

    1. Niallo

      Yeah, thats another thing. €160 for the privilege of (not) watching ryan tubridy ?
      Or a movie from the 90’s with a running time of 85 minutes that gets stretched over 2 1/2 hours because it has 5 minute add breaks every 10 seconds.
      On a public broadcast station.
      Your paying for It and the advertising revenue is also paying for it.
      Not a bit of wonder these guys reckon john q. paddy is a soft touch.

      1. Dhaughton99

        James Bond movies, father ted box sets and reeling in the years. Not too mention what passes for RTE News these days.

    2. Original Cynic

      Great to see that you’re all SOOOO yawningly bored and dismissive that you felt compelled to comment immediately the post went up!!!!!!

      1. The Insight

        Article posted at 3.10, first comment at 3.30. If 20 mins is “immediate” clearly you work in the public sector.

        1. Original Cynic

          20 minutes to dismiss a post on a Saturday afternoon IS “immediate” – even public sector workers are not that dedicated – unless they are on double/triple time!

  2. Soundings

    I see “woda” on one of those signs. So, even the Poles are protesting. There’s been a smattering of these protests since the co-ordinated national rallies at the start of November. I suppose people are waiting to see how many turn out on 10th December. I reckon it could be 250,000 in Dublin on a weekday, though I bet some commenters on here will dismiss them as a bunch of culchies up to do their Christmas shopping.

      1. funman

        We have cars now, some of us. Look out for the dayshul bora, with the lowered kyleovers and the ‘no smoke,no poke’ stickers.

    1. Samuel

      I’d say the firms that print the leaflets and make the banners are slowly becoming big due to the sudden increase in sales.

      I’d also say half the protestors had a store bought bottle of Volvic, etc in their hand, bag

      If you don’t want to pay for cleaned water, then stick an old bath out the back and drink from that.

      1. Zuppy International

        Congratulations on continuing to fail to get the point Samuel.

        We already pay for water. And the reasonable objections held by most sensible people are objections to paying for water twice, with the second payment going (in the main) to a Blueshirt crony and tax exile.

        1. Samuel

          Thank Zippy

          But if I may, the Blueshirts won the last General Election because Fianna Fáilure fyked up. Fine Gael are cleaning up the mess left behind by Bertie et al. So redirect your criticism please.

          If you know a better way, the next General Election is fast approaching

          1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

            Cleaning up the mess by following FF policies and delivering none of the reform as was promised and wheeling out business as usual when it comes to cronyism and quangos.

            Give them all Blue Peter badges, and to all those first time posters above as well.
            On a Saturday too. There’s a cushy position for all of you in the pipeline.

  3. Truth in the News

    Is Enda Kenny doing a Novena in Knock praying for Snow on Dec 10…..?
    Joan might head to some shrine overseas and harang the gods….imagine:

  4. Neilo

    23% VAT on everything, Universal Social Charge, income tax hikes, property tax wouldn’t bring us out but paying for water will. Great country. Love to be there on 10th Dec but I’ll be too busy with paid work and whatnot. Hugs to all!

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