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Is there a structural engineer in the house?

Where’s Cllr Dan?


The afternoon car ban is back.

Cork City Council writes:

Traffic is to be re-routed in the afternoons in Cork city centre from [Saturday] August 9. From 3-6.30pm, private cars and trucks will be re-routed away from St Patrick’s Street. During this three and a half hour period, access to St. Patrick’s St. will be limited to buses, taxis, emergency vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

Related: Council votes to lift afternoon traffic ban on Patrick Street (April 20, 2018, RTE)



Irish Water protest this afternoon in Cork City.

More as we he gets it.

Gavin Sheridan

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Cork City council candidate Ella Goddin does a photocall on the South Mall earlier.

A unicycling poledancing LGBT supporting growshop owner.

Broadsheet doesn’t make local election candidates but if we did



[Resident Brian Gould (top) protests against the installation of Irish Water meters in Ashbrook Heights, Togher, Cork city, as gardaí arrive at the estate this morning]

Member of the Ballyphehane and South Parish Anti Water and Property Tax group started to block Irish Water contractors from carrying out their water meter installation work at around 9.30am yesterday morning, while some of the estate’s residents parked their cars over the stop-cock valves outside their homes to stop the installation work.

Eoin English, of the Irish Examiner, reports this morning that the gardaí arrived around noon and the work resumed some time later.

However, this morning both the Irish Water contractors and the protesters have returned to the estate with gardaí warning the protesters this morning that they face arrest if they continue to block the contractors.

Stand-off as Cork residents vow to continue Irish Water protests (Eoin English, Irish Examiner)

Pics: Eoin English