23 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

      1. Lilly

        Sleep or no sleep, I’m lucky to be tucked up in a nice warm bed – thinking of those unfortunate enough to be sleeping rough on such a bitterly cold night. I wouldn’t survive a week of it.

      1. Kieran NYC

        Hehe oh you rogues!

        Just got home from work. Now time to panic-buy online for Christmas :)

        (With a healthy glass of wine!)

      2. Kieran NYC

        I dunno! I’m going to investigate getting my mother one of those jewelry boxes featured on here a few days ago.

        Maybe Broadsheet is for more than just ‘a fussin and a feudin’! :)

  1. CousinJack

    High heels = prostitute in Galway apparently
    Explains why country gardai behave the way they do, ‘I’ll rape you if you don’t get in the car’ type stuff

  2. Soundings

    I see the Phoenix (newspaper?) up there….
    What’s new?
    More offcut remnants from the cutting room floor of Ireland’s nixering hacks (the stuff that wasn’t deemed good enough to publish elsewhere)
    Denis O’Brien continues to be a complete arsehole
    Philo Marley farted/scratched his balls (if perchance he ever did both at the same time, there’ll be a three-page spread with pullout)
    Blaise Treacy is a baddun and no mistake, I bet he eats his own snot when no-one’s looking
    Here’s more inarticulate, grammatically-suspect blowhardery about politics
    Here’s another culchie beyond the Pale saying “fupp off” to a Garda (hilaaaaaariou€15)
    We had a funny cartoon in 2008, fingers crossed for at least one this decade
    Yada, yada, yada, yada
    And here’s yet another royalty-free pic of that nice (occasional porn model) Wosie Davison

    1. graeme keyes

      I had a funny cartoon in circa 2010! you grumpy sot..(though i suppose that’s not for me to judge)

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