Go To Your Bed Peanut



It’s still ages away.

D Nolan writes:

Peanut is very excited about Xmas

Does your pet enjoy the Xmas season? Send your pets at Xmas marked ‘My pet at Xmas’ to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie



Aoife writes:

They say never work with children or animals….well a bunch of volunteers at My Lovely Horse Rescue, did just that and produced this super cute Christmas video. The video features one of our rescued horses and one of our youngest volunteers and future superstar, Georgia. Dig deep and donate folks.

Here, take everything we have.

(Leave the Doritos thanks).

My Lovely Horse Rescue

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9 thoughts on “Go To Your Bed Peanut

  1. Anne

    Peanut hides the excitement well..

    Dressing up a dog as a Christmas elf, seems like such a fall from grace, from it’s ancestral predecessor.
    Cute though.

      1. Anne

        True.. true.
        I don’t know where it all went wrong for them.. probably the minute they started hanging out with humans. :)

  2. read twice

    Nah, I’m a traditionalist – can’t stand this new-fangled “Christmas”. Let’s call it Mid-winter Festival.

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