19 thoughts on “Very Chancery

  1. Medium Sized C

    Recovery in the market?
    Was there a depression in the rental market?

    More to point, feckin gougers…..

    1. NiallJames

      Hughes’ for Beamish & trad…The Hacienda for the late nights…The Chancery for the early mornings…it’s well worth the high rent.

  2. Mario Balotelli

    “Money-grubbing arseholes” – yeah, charging market rates for rent!.. how dare they, with their platinum helicopters!
    Or maybe they’re just breaking even on the mortgage, having had their arse kicked for 6 years, on an investment that was intended to be their pension or their kid’s college fund?
    Walk a mile in the other man’s shoes…

          1. Mario Balotelli

            Well, so what if the rent has increased? It’s not up to the landlord to provide social and affordable housing. If it’s overpriced, it won’t be taken. My point is, the landlord may not be some super rich gouger, he may be a fairly normal bloke who’s trying to maximise his income. The place looks grand. Get over it.

  3. Siobh

    Christ. I’ve just moved back from Paris. I paid less than that for my lovely two bed apartment in a fabulous area. I love Dublin, but I mean… it’s not Paris.

    1. Kin Kong Ovo

      No it isn’t.
      As in there’s too much to contrast and compare for the rents to be comparable.

      Also, chancery street #, 2 bed house for 1200, sounds like it was an error in the first listing.

  4. Colm

    Chancer-y indeed! Who’s making this shhhh up. Suddenly worth 400 more per month. Even though it didn’t rent at 1200. So greedy.

    And to be fair this city is full of dodgy landlords who take high money and put f**k all into the place. For 1600 you should get some luxury, like a chair that massages your arse and asks you how your day was!

  5. Anne

    “Market forces” – (lack of supply) create gougers, is that your point Mario?
    They can get away with it, so they will like…

    I hope they’re an oversupply at some point, and the gougers are fupped.. but too many vested interests for that to happen. Too many gougers to look after like. Isn’t that right Mario?

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