14 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At St James’s Gate

  1. TK ickle

    Sun, 07 Dec 2014

    A fire has broken out off James’s Street in Dublin city centre today.

    At around 1.50pm the fire brigade rushed to a warehouse building at an industrial estate, which is understood to be on Grand Canal Place, near James’s Street in Dublin 8.

    Around five fire engines and one fire brigade support van rushed to the scene.

    Dublin Fire Brigade said the fire is still ongoing.

  2. Well, that's that

    Another Satanic Illuminati ritual gone wrong? How many fires can one campus have? Every few months there either moving gigantic machines in or there’s a fire in there!

  3. DizzyDoris

    There are some beautiful buildings around that side of James Street and most of them derelict. Apart from marketing, why is Guinness even in the centre of Dublin now? Hops stink the Quays out most of the time. The more fires the better I reckon.

      1. David j

        He only leased a small part of St James gate. He went on to buy up other small breweries to form the giant we now have. Then it was sold to diagio who don’t care about these old buildings.

          1. One Dub

            That’s a bit harsh.

            Samuel – I’m sure you’re referring to the line ‘Hops stink the Quays out most of the time.‘, which is indeed a very harsh thing to say. And untrue.

            I love that sweet smell, just as much as I love to hear the nearby church- bells ringing.

            Dublin wouldn’t be same without either.

  4. Anne

    Once upon a time in St James’s Gate.
    — You’ve made a decision to quit and go on the dry, it’s scary, but you figure this living lark is done by plenty of others sober, it can’t be that bad.
    You’re battling the urge for a drink with every last fiber of your being, as the few remaining brain cells are few and far between and your liver is almost shot.
    You’ve mustered up the courage to attend your first AA meeting, “hello my name is ( ) and I’m an alcoholic, it’s been 24 hours since my last drop”, says you with a slight trembling quiver in your voice…when out you pop from your AA meeting all geared up for the sober life one day at a time, to which you’re greeted by a strong waft of that sweet hopsy smell, and after a deep inhalation you think to yourself , fupp it, it’s a sign from Arthur, I can quit anytime .. And off you go to get hammered.. again.. same as it ever was.

    That sweet smell, loved by few.. a scourge to many.

    1. One Dub

      Anne, not a Dubliner, I presume…

      Check your inbox. I have posted the beautiful smell of truth to you, in the hope that you have a touchscreen you can scratch.

          1. One Dub

            Sorry, allow me to redeem myself and explain…

            I absolutely LOVE the smell of hops burning that comes from the Guinness factory..
            It brings me back to my childhood, to the smell that meant it was almost time to leave school, to get out there and be a kid again.

            -To do drugs, shoplift and rob handbags, like all my classmates.

            Happy days!

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