38 thoughts on “Are You A Ray Of Sunshine?

  1. les rock

    let me see…It’ll just be a merry go round. if today fm had any sense they’d offer ray foley a blank cheque

    1. Useless Failure

      I was going for a job years ago and they were eager to get me, so when it came time to discuss salary, they literally offered me a blank cheque and told me it was my first month’s wages and to lodge them myself. Of course, I realised immediately that a blank cheque is useless as there needs to be an amount and payee filled out or the bank won’t accept it, I had learned this in Junior Cert Business Studies. I knew then that they were mocking me and tore the cheque up and smashed a chair against the window and left in a rage.

  2. Soundings

    How are “hottest seats” and “rollercoaster of emotions” perks of the job?

    And weren’t Sam Smyth and Eamon Dunphy fearless with their opinions before they were dropkicked from Denis O’Brien Radio?

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Aww. I still miss Sam Smyth on the radio. Sunday mornings aren’t the same anymore.

      1. Mikeyfex

        I particularly enjoyed saying Ssam Ssmith and the Ssunday Ssupplement on my hungover Sunday mornings.

  3. gallantman

    They don’t mention sanctimony and barely repressed Catholic guilt- they’re really changing things up.

  4. Murtles

    Hopefully it’s a different time slot than D’Arcy otherwise they missed a few qualifications needed :
    * Excessive sighing
    * Over use of the phrase “I don’t know”
    * Mandatory talk about cycling to work for the first 10 minutes of every show
    * Enough about me, let’s talk about me attitude
    * The ability to make sympathetic and empathy sound condescending

    1. Kieran NYC

      + Poor joke followed by enforced “Aaaah yeah…”

      Mairead and Jenny really did a huge amount to keep that show successful. Once they left, Ray reverted to his moany-hole self.

  5. Buzz

    How about Eamon Keane who used to be on Newstalk? I’d like to see a Marian Finucane-type get the job myself but it’ll never go to a woman.

    1. Newsjustin

      Marian Finucane is a really poor radio broadcaster. Constantly interrupting guests and obvious “zone-outs” (as she is presumably getting ready for the next segment, whatever) and then back to the interview, asking a question that the interviewer has already answered.

      Sean Moncrieff is the best radio broadcaster on air at the moment. There are a few RTE heads who should also have been given a try in daytime – Kathryn Thomas and Shay Byrne are both quite good.

          1. Buzz

            Forced – almost aggressive – cheeriness, lowest-common-denominator banter… I hate when she fills in for John Murray. Can’t take her at that hour of the morning – or any hour really.

        1. Spaghetti Hoop

          Ah yes…the ‘broadcaster’ who played the tape of the poor nurse at the receiving end of the Kate Midleton hospital prank twice on RTE radio and thought it was “OMG, hilarious” and worthy of 20 minutes of air time.

          1. Buzz

            Probably because he’s intelligent, opinionated, an independent thinker – all the things they profess to require – when really all they want is a Ryan Tubridy who will stick rigidly to the script and do what he’s told.

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