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It’ll be on Daft by nightfall.

Eamon Dunphy

Saturday night.

On the Ray D’Arcy Show.

Fergus McCormack, of RTÉ, writes:

Dancing With the Stars’ Demi Isaac Oviawe and dance partner Kai Widdrington will join Ray to talk about life after elimination…

Eamon Dunphy will be in studio to discuss the Republic of Ireland’s new management set-up and our chances of qualifying for the Euros, his love for Liverpool FC and what’s exercising him at the moment…

Victor Bayda tells Ray about his remarkable journey from Moscow to Kerry. A fluent Irish speaker, Victor has just been appointed as the Irish language officer in a South Kerry Gaeltacht…

Ray will also be joined by the parents of award-winning Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who was brutally murdered on a submarine in Denmark in 2017.

And we have a live performance from the hit musical Jersey Boys ahead of its return to the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre next month.

The Ray D’Arcy Show is on Saturday night at 9.40pm on RTÉ One

RTÉ Radio One’s Ray D’Arcy Show yesterday


On RTÉ’s Ray D’Arcy Show.

Mr D’Arcy spoke with Limerick mum-of-two Vicky Phelan, who has terminal cancer; Cork dad-of-two Stephen Teap, whose wife Irene died last year of cervical cancer, and Lorraine Walsh, from Galway, who cannot conceive due to having had cervical cancer.

The comprehensive hour-long interview with Mr D’Arcy followed the publication of Dr Gabriel Scally’s report into the CervicalCheck screening programme.

In the opening paragraph of his report’s foreword, Dr Scally wrote:

This major crisis emerged into the public domain because of a failed attempt to disclose the results of a retrospective audit to a large group of women who had, unfortunately, developed cervical cancer. In particular, it emerged because of the extraordinary determination of Vicky Phelan not [to] be silenced. But there are many indications that this was a system that was doomed to fail at some point. “

Yet, at one point, Mr D’Arcy put it to Ms Phelan that she had found herself being criticised over the past few months.

Most notably, on August 1, Ms Phelan tweeted to say she was taking a break from Twitter and commenting publicly on the scandal, while mentioning that some people had been “condemning” her for “bringing down the cervical screening programme”.

Three weeks later, on August 21, Eilish O’Regan, in the Irish Independent, reported that there had been no fall-off in the number of women going for smear tests with CervicalCheck – despite the controversy.

Ms Phelan has repeatedly encouraged women to continue to get smear tests via CervicalCheck in all her interviews.

From yesterday’s discussion…

Ray D’Arcy: “I find it hard to believe, Vicky Phelan, but you have your critics. People are…”

Vicky Phelan: “Oh I’ve, by god, I do.”

D’Arcy: “And what are they saying?”

Phelan: “They’re not, you see, they’re clever enough in that they’re not explicitly saying, you know, mentioning me but, you know, it’s kind of going around about the house, saying that ‘all of these women’, you know with, ‘their obscene payouts’ will, you know, ‘bring down this screening programme’ and ‘screening saves lives’. But sure I’ve never said anything but, I’ve always said screening saves lives.”

All I’ve ever said and I’ve never changed, and I’ve never wavered was that I had an issue with the way CervicalCheck was run. And I am vindicated today.”

D’Arcy: “Completely vindicated.”

Stephen Teap: “100% you are, yeah.”

Phelan: “Thank god, is all I can say. So I hope some people will eat humble pie I can tell you.”

D’Arcy:They should read the report and come back to you.”

Via RTE Radio One

Previously: Cruel Summer

Six years ago….

Clampers Outside writes:

From 2011… Ray D’Arcy then Today FM grilling Marian Finucane on her salary…. all the lols

Mind no when Marian says she’s ‘not sure’ how her salary is negotiated, one may get a bit twitchy….damn comfy to be the highest paid per HR and not have a clue how your own salary is negotiated. Pulse o’ the people an’ stuff…

Yesterday: Twilight Of The Gods


Free Saturday?

Enjoy ‘Game of Thrones’ obsessively?

Melanie O’Connor writes:

Do you know your Starks from your Lannisters? Do you fancy a chance at being ruler of the seven kingdoms, however, brief?

The Ray D’Arcy Show is giving some Game of Thrones superfans the chance to take a seat on the iconic Iron Throne live in studio, this Saturday night. They may also get the opportunity to show their GOT knowledge on the programme too!

If you’re a Game of Thrones superfan or know someone who is and would like the chance to sit on the Iron Throne all you have to do is send an email with the subject line ‘Game of Thrones’ to raydarcyshow@rte.ie and tell us what makes YOU the ultimate Game of Thrones fan.

The Ray D’Arcy Show this Saturday night on RTÉ One at 9.45pm.


On the Ray D’Arcy Show….

Sinead Harrington writes:

Olympic medallist Tom Daley will chat to Ray about his recipes for a healthier life and his upcoming marriage to Dustin Lance Black.

Ray will also be joined on the couch by Oisin Mc Conville, Evelyn Cusack, Simon Delaney and Niamh Kavanagh. He’ll find out what’s cooking for the stars of Celebrity Masterchef and how they are handling the heat in the kitchen!

In their first ever TV interview together, the heart-throb Thomas Brothers *above) – actors Adam and Ryan and reality TV star Scott – will discuss Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Love Island and their plans for the future.

And in keeping with the famous family theme Ray finds out what life is like in the Hook household when he talks to George Hook, his wife Ingrid and daughter Michelle.

*smashes telly with large brick*

The Ray D’Arcy Show on Saturday night on RTÉ One at 9:30pm.


Paul Kimmage

Sinéad Harrington writes:

Brides-to-be and Say Yes To The Dress fans are in for a huge treat as wedding dress guru Randy Fenoli will share his fascinating life story and offer a unique twist on Say Yes to the Dress live in studio.

Sports journalist Paul Kimmage will tell Ray just why he turned down the chance to interview Lance Armstrong in Dublin and will give his thoughts on the disgraced cyclist’s imminent arrival to Irish shores. He will also talk about his recent highly controversial comments in relation to the use of drugs in rugby and other sports.

All five Celebrity Operation Transformation participants -Brenda Donohue, Elaine Crowley, Gerald Kean, Katherine Lynch and Karl Spain -will join Ray on the couch to chat about the success of the recent series

Ray is also bringing ‘Good News’ back to our TV screens again this week, following a great response from the public when it was hosted by guest newsreader Brendan O’Carroll on the first show of the new season last month. Once again, the show team are keeping the identity of this week’s newsreader secret- can you guess who it might be?


The Ray D’Arcy Show tomorrow night on RTÉ One at 9:40pm.


Need more Carrigstown and Kerry Katona?

Read on.

Sinead Harrington writes:

Former girl group star and reality TV queen Kerry Katona will be live in studio with Ray to discuss reuniting with her husband George Kay, juggling work with five children and will also reveal her plans for the future.

To mark its recent 4,000th episode, three Fair City stars will join Ray on the couch. Actor Bryan Murray who plays lovable rogue Bob, Rebecca Grimes who plays sex siren Hayley and Tony Tormey whose character love rat Paul Brennan has everyone talking, will chat about life on Carrigstown and give Ray the low down on a few behind-the-scenes secrets!

Writer Sophie White will share her powerful story about suffering from a bad ecstasy trip at Electric Picnic, which led to her having a breakdown…

…Two well known faces will go head to head in a lip sync battle in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation’s ‘Fake some Noise’ campaign. And musical lovers are in for treat as the stars of the West End musical version of The Commitments will also perform a special medley of some of their biggest hits.

*kicks telly, heads to McCoy’s*


The Ray D’Arcy Show this Saturday 8th October, RTÉ One, 9:35pm.

Pic: RTÉ


Fr Brian D’Arcy

Staying in tomorrow night?

Ma, that priest is on again.

Rayna Connery writes:

On this week’s Ray D’Arcy Show Father Brian D’Arcy will be dropping by to reflect on his 47 years as a priest, and to share his memories of the late Terry Wogan and Frank Kelly, amongt others. Dr. Pixie McKenna will lift the lid on what young Irish people really think about sex and sexual health. Republic of Telly star Joanne McNally will be updating us on her search for her birth parents…music will be provided by up and coming Dublin band State Lights

Ray D’Arcy Show tomorrow on RTÉ One at 10:05pm.


Shane Paul O’Doherty, aged 18, on the run in London, 1972

Repentant IRA bomber Shane Paul O’Doherty went on the Ray D’arcy Show on RTÈ Radio 1 yesterday to discuss his life growing up on the ‘wrong side of the border’and why he turned to violence.

In a lengthy, compelling interview Mr O’Doherty, who took to religion in Long Kesh, addresses ‘misconceptions’ about when the Troubles began, questions the role – if any –  of the 1966 Easter Rising commemorations in luring young men to the IRA and speculates on the organisation’s most famous ‘non-member.

Grab a tay.

Ray D’Arcy: “My next guest, Shane Paul O’Doherty received 30 life sentences for his bombing campaigns with the IRA in 1975. Seeing his victims in court sent him on a journey of discovery through years of studying the Bible and corresponding with his Bishop, he found the truth he’d been looking for in the isolation of his solitary cell. Today, he’s still atoning for his actions. How’re you doing Shane?”

Shane Paul O’Doherty: “Who wrote that Ray?”

D’Arcy: “Will wrote it. You were the subject would you believe of a documentary on Sunday night?”

O’Doherty: “I accidentally emailed Roger Childs – “

D’Arcy: “…Who is the Head of Religious Programmes at RTÉ”

O’Doherty: “ – about six months ago, I said Roger, ‘Can you think outside the box, can you make a sexy, different play about Kevin Barry about his last few weeks?’ So, it worked out that we got a documentary about me writing a play about Kevin Barry and more, and more of my story than I really wished – because, I mean I’ve had this book out about donkeys years – that I’ve brought you a copy of and one for Will, there isn’t a copy for everyone in the audience.”

D’Arcy: “Thanks Shane. Well, I watched that and I watched Peter Taylor’s documentary, which was made in 1989, in which he spoke to your four brothers and your ma – it’s very fascinating and the interesting thing was that you wrote a letter when you were nine, which said, ‘When I grow up I want to fight and if necessary die for Ireland’s Freedom’. Signed Shane Paul. Well, you were nine – in 1965.”

O’Doherty: “Yeah, well I was 10. I had been reading books about Irish history for years, there was a real library at home and I somehow got stuck into books on Irish history, with you know the terrible sorrows of Irish history, and you know there was one book there – ‘Speeches from the Dock’ – an old book, I’ve still got copies of it yet. and I was fired up as a kid, you know, as someone who was reading from a very young age, my Da was a teacher in the Christian Brothers, he was a great man for reading and I had read so much about Irish history that i was overwhelmed by its tragedies and I had a notion, you know that I wanted to grow up and fight for Ireland – to die for Ireland. But the interesting thing was when I was being interrogated by the RUC much later, having been arrested during the cease-fire in ’75 – they raced in with great glee at one point in the interrogation and showed me this – and I was more embarrassed by that note…”

D’Arcy: “…that you’d written as a nine year-old.”

O’Doherty: “…than I was being embarrassed about being captured. So embarrassed by it.”

D’Arcy: “So they were using that as evidence against you?”

O’Doherty: “Ah well, I’d say it was intended to cause me embarrassment. You know, what a D Head you are – we’ve captured you, you know?” Continue reading