Ode To The Tenth


Anon (because he/she is skipping work today) writes:

I know I’m no John Moynes but would you care to share my scribblings in advance of [today’s] march.

Remember remember the 10th of December
the day that the government fell
Remember the reason the people cried treason
and cursed this corruption to hell

Remember the cops, when they handed out knocks
and threw women across public streets
Then they stood at your gate representing the state
and a tax exile’s firm GMC

Remember the day when the riot squad came
to respond to a water balloon
Then they pepper sprayed kids while the government hid
in their luxury black saloons

Remember the press who tried to repress
the voices outside the élite
See the journos have views but they call it the news
And they rarely are seen on the streets

I know of no reason why state television
would vilify people like me
Unless of course you’ve read the reports
that they’re after a broadcasting fee

See it’s not just the water, my blood’s boiling over
Because of this cozy cartel
But in spite of their threats, they never will get
a cent for a litre from me

So we’ll march on the Dáil, ’till the government fall
and the Shannon and Liffey flow free
Just give us fair taxation, including corporations,
And we’ll all just go home for our tea.

Nice meter.


Oh, never mind.

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28 thoughts on “Ode To The Tenth

  1. Soundings

    Modestly borrows from the old English poem (author unknown) remembering the foiling of Guy Fawkes gunpowder plot to blow up parliament with the king inside it. Better known more recently in “V for Vendetta”, a film which developed legs because of its anonymous character/superhero and Guy Fawkes mask.

    Must say, the above is very good. Lines like “I know of no reason why state television
    would vilify people like me” are inspired. Well done that man, woman, collective!

        1. Frilly Keane

          Tis bitter lads

          That wind is feckin Baltic altogether

          Thermals, layers, hats gloves n scarves
          N loads n loads of hugs

    1. sickofallthisbs

      Cooeeeeee sweetheart xx, is somebody a little cranky because your moronic views are in the minority, even though you are “right”? You cheer me right up

  2. Murtles

    It’s the placing of it in the sink that I think is genius. Pity one couldn’t be left in every sink in the Dail.

    Gardai, ring of steel fencing, detectives roaming the halls of Leinster House and useless politicians doing their power cower probably in the Dail Bar getting rotten. They’ll continue on tomorrow as if nothing ever happened.

  3. One Dub

    ‘Right2Water have described today’s event as “family-friendly” with music and comedy acts…’according to RTÉ News.
    I read somewhere that Sinéad is expected to make an appearance. (And why wouldn’t she? Guaranteed No.1 on YouTube in Ireland all next week if she does turn up…ker-ching!)

    I’m looking forward to it now.
    -Don’t forget to wrap up well if you’re coming.

    Now, where did I leave me balaclava?

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Yes, Santa Dub…. plse accept my humblest apologies

          I didn’t think you’d take that so seriously, again , and I bid you a warm march on this blustery day :)

          ( No sarcasm intended….. I need a coffee )

      1. Frilly Keane

        Here Crampy
        Are the Iona Institute Group of Protect the Church and all its teachings and practices in the Right To Water Lobby too?

  4. ahjayzis

    I hate when I read stuff from a photo only to scroll down to see it’s all written out again clearly >_<

  5. Baz

    Re the water protestors I can’t but Notice in all the interviews that when an interviewer is pressed on their ‘working class’ status they’re actually saying that they’re on disability or long term state benefits.

    The real working class is paying taxes carrying these water meter protesting wasters .

    if the mob gets out of hand today I’m hoping the water canon clears the streets…

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