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Da fupp?

Andrew Sheridan  writes:

Not what you would expect to find in a graveyard in Castlerickard, Co. Meath. Built in c.1815.

Did he play the GAA at all?

Pics: Andrew Sheridan


Via Noel Byrne:

Resting inside the elaborate tomb is Godwin Swift. A noted freemason, he was also the uncle and benefactor to the renowned writer and dean, Jonathan Swift. Godwin lived from 1628 to 1695, and it was he who first set Jonathan on the road to literary greatness*. Alongside Godwin lies the remains of Sophia Jane Swift who died in 1851 in Versailles….

Child eating reptiles dude.

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17 thoughts on “Illumeathnati

  1. fluffybiscuits

    That is up the road from where I was raised! My family was involved in working on the FAS scheme years ago that restored it. Underneath there is two or three lead coffins and at the time the bodies were uncovered. Next door to it was a ‘fairy fort’ which the locals always maintained was a burial site for those from the famine. Years ago children who died were unbaptised were not buried in it as it was consecrated ground, so they were buried outside of the grave yard. The same goes for people who committed suicide.

    There is also a house across the way and the rumour has it that a maid who worked at the time in the 19th Century fell in love with the son of the master of the house. On the night before their wedding she apparently found it he was her brother and committed suicide in the Boyne.

    1. Dylan

      There are suicide graveyards poorly marked about the area near graveyards. The markings look like just square stone columns in hedges but they are upside down stone crosses. Rome eh?

  2. kenm

    there are 5 or 6 pryamid graves like this around the country. If u draw lines between them on a map, they create a square and compass! (i wish). this grave is very important because it suggests that speculative freemasonry was in ireland a lot earlier than thought.

    1. kenm

      tommyf, you should contact the masons hall in molesworth st and talk to the historian there. Id be very interested to see your documentary

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