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Dr Rory Hearne, a lecturer in political and economic geography at National University of Ireland, Maynooth

You may recall a post concerning dreamboat egghead Dr Rory Hearne who spoke to Keelin Shanley on Today with Sean O’Rourke last month about the Irish Water protests.

He said he believed the protests emerged because of a ‘cumulative impact of austerity’ and that ‘[the protesters] were holding back on the basis of shock, of collective guilt and a fear, and a sense of powerlessness and now that’s all changed’.


Frank writes:

“I see heart-throb geographer Dr Rory Hearne (NIUM) is doing a Water Protest survey but it’s been very badly advertised. Could you see if BS readers would fill it out as it would be no use without a representative sample.”

The 20-multiple choice question survey can be done here.

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47 thoughts on “All That He Surveys

  1. W_Thomas

    I wish someone would survey the much larger sample of the population that is not protesting to see what that group thinks of it all………

    1. Odis

      As in someone should speak out for the silent minority, who really want to pay a water tax so that we can conserve this precious resource, rather than talking to i phone commies, malcontents and sundry riff raff. That sort of thing?
      I understand Enda does that telepathically.

      1. ahjayzis

        Anyone wanting to pay a water tax in aid of conservation should march too, since we have all the tax and none of the conservation now.

        1. sickofallthisbs

          Thank you, (sincerely). I didn’t know that and he has gone down in my estimation as a result.

          1. Artemis

            Aren’t ye both in Dublin?

            Clampers, don’t mind yar hugs.. come on, ask her out for a coffee or sumthin’ will ya for feck’s sake.

      1. Paudi O'Shea

        Everyone isn’t a public commentator on important national and economic issues. And conducting surveys to boot.

      2. jungleman

        If they could find the space to mention that he is a dreamboat (he looks like a leprechaun), surely it would have been reasonable to mention that he has previously displayed some sort of bias.

      3. jungleman

        Furthermore, often academics will seek to remain independent in order to protect the integrity of their work. This person has not done so in the past and it should be pointed out. And yes, the same should apply to all academics.

  2. Artemis

    20. Which do you think is the most effective way of getting change on issues such as water charges, housing, etc

    Batter politicians with big water balloons a course.

  3. Artemis

    I did it, but I’m a little wary of these Survey Monkeys being anonymous.

    I put a few unsavoury comments in one of those survey monkeys in work one time, in terms of the clowns running the circus.. that sort of thing, and the boss was repeating the same phrases back in a sarcastic tone in a team meeting within the next few days..

    1. sickofallthisbs

      Maybe your boss said the same thing in their answers. Maybe you are twins separated at birth or lovers who have never gotten down and freaky with one another. Did you ever think of that?

        1. scottser

          if by ‘ridebag’ you mean the plastic bag that you put all the used jonnies in from the night before, then yes, yes he is.

          1. ahjayzis

            That’s called a sac d’amour and you know it.

            Still though, he’s a something-throb all the same.

          2. scottser

            a bear wouldn’t hug him
            the tide wouldn’t take him out
            ya wouldnt get up on him to get over a wall.

  4. Mayor Quimby

    stop pretending this guy is some sort of independent scholar – he epitomises the type of lecturer who sees his jobs as a full time campaigner.

    Failed as a politician so he seeks refuge in the social studies department. No hard science for this egg-head

    1. scottser

      left the swp cos he felt he was too big for it and gets a job campaigning on the ringsend campaign for PBP. he alienates folks by insisting they call him dr hearne and fails miserably in the 07 election. then off to nui maynooth with his mates coleman and coulter. and now he’s relying on bs to gather his data for him?
      the man is a joke.

  5. Miko

    Can I send out a survey on Broadsheet for those that support water charges, supported the septic tank charge and are quite pleased with the service provided by private waste collection (once greyhound was put down by the market) please?

  6. Kieran NYC

    Badly advertised?

    Survey is now closed, saying they “only expected 1000 responses, but got 2500” or something.

    Based on the guy’s political history, was he just looking for enough ‘right’ answers?

  7. Hashtag Diversity

    He’s biased and has not disclosed his political interest. NOBODY should take this survey. Another TCD rich-boy socialist TW@.

    And the title of the survey? Right2Water.

    What is he doing with that data he gathers?

  8. Diddley Aye

    Question no1 on the survey in case anyone missed it.

    A dedicated SJW and rich boy community activist is offered a university lectureship which pays loadsamoney and may therefore compromise his right on credentials. Should he-
    1) take the money
    2 )take the money
    3 )take the money
    4 )grow a beard and take the money

    Answers on a placard please

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