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From top: Hennessy; Murphy and the Kelly coat of arms getting wrapped

The old family crest.

Painted and framed for your self-esteem wall.

Brendan McCarey writes:

I’m an Irish Designer & Artist based in Monaghan. I recently started a project called Painted Clans. Painted Clans are hand painted contemporary Irish crests. The idea came about as a wedding present for friends living in Australia; I wanted to gift them with something traditional, modern and sentimental and so Painted Clans was born.

Each crest is researched and redesigned with a modern minimalist style keeping all the original elements that make up the crests. Each crest is then hand painted using acrylic paint making it one of a kind. I think a Painted Clan crest would make the perfect Irish made stocking filler.

Painted Clans

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’ . No fee just a knowing glance.

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5 thoughts on “Get Your Coat

  1. TheQ47

    They look beautiful, and really well done. Fair play, in fairness.

    As long as no-one takes it seriously as a “clan/ family coat of arms”. There is no such thing, you know. A coat of arms is granted to an individual (or a corporate body) and not to a family or clan.
    To quote the Chief Herald of Ireland website:
    There is, strictly speaking, no such thing as a ‘family coat of arms’. A grant of arms made to an individual extends to his or her descendants of the name, not to a family as such.

    1. Caroline

      Yes, nobody should ride into battle with these emblazoned on their armour. That would be terribly gauche.

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