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The Minutes – Supernatural

Niall McGuckian writes:

[Dublin band] The Minutes [Mark Austin, Tom Cosgrave, Shane Kinsella] are closing out 2014, what may well be their best year as a band, thanks to extensive touring in Europe, a rising profile and a solid second record Live Well, Change Often.
To mark the occasion, the band have released a new single, ‘Supernatural’, which comes with the news that the album is getting a European-wide release on February 7th on Model Citizen [record label]. Back home, the guys play New Year’s Eve in the Workman’s Club, Wellington Quay, Dublin  (€18) to celebrate all the above. The video by Mark Bailey features Mark Austin play the role of the evangelical TV preacher.

The Minutes (Facebook)

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10 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Vin

    Marcata was a far better album than this current one.
    That said, they’re a great live band. Apart from the bits when the singer stop talking through his hoop between songs and nervously swearing. Each to their own I guess.

  2. Boba Fettucine

    Bit disingenuous of the guy who owns the record label to treat a record release as ‘news’

    Boring song, but a good live act. Not sure if they’re €18 good though.

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