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  1. ahyeah

    Jaysus, just when I was starting to think that we’re the best little country in the wurdled, you have to remind me that it’s really just a poxy little shithole run by gombeens, fraudsters, liars and incompetents.

        1. JimmytheHead

          ah great, seen every ep tho! my favourite one is the episode they made after a lawyer got in touch on behalf of cosby so they had to bleep loads and change everything, worked out to be way funnier tho

  2. AhHereLeaveItOut

    4 minutes to make you genuinely feel equal parts infuriated, upset and nauseous… really didn’t expect that video to make me feel quite this bad

  3. ineverthoughidenduphere

    Thank you for USC charges, 2% Vat increase, private pension levies, property tax and some form of water charges, their legacy is long lasting.

  4. Wanchorman

    Oh who cares? Go live in Syria if you don’t like it here. Or a western country that has nukes and huge armies, that suppresses natives and invades defenceless territories. We won the lottery of life to live here. If you disagree, you should go and find the Utopia you so desire.

  5. Lan

    No denying this was a good montage and does highlight so many of the failings and failures of Irish politics. However if you were watching this you might be lead to believe that there were only three political parties in Ireland. While FF, FG, Lab have had the biggest influence upon the country why no sign of their partners? Mary Harney is the only PD to appear and that was in the background of a shot of Bertie? Have we forgotten or forgiven their role in the their irresponsible management of Ireland so quickly? And what of the Greens propping up the last government when the main party lost so much support? When did they get their clemency for their responsibility? Even a few seconds for either of them? Both PDs and Greens have made some memorable ones…

    1. Rory

      You are right. I do regret not including the PDs and the Green Party in order to fairly distribute the blame a bit more. I did try to look for some clips featuring them, but after trawling through all the videos I used over the last few weeks I was beginning to fear my soul would be sucked right out of me if I continued anymore.
      Maybe in a part two once I have recovered. No clemency here though!

  6. B Hewson

    So will part 2 feature the hilarious past pranks from the characters in the Sinn Fein party and their families independent TDs or was that outside the remit this viral’s goal.

    1. Rory

      I didn’t have a remit or a goal and I didn’t expect it to go viral. It only had 250 views before people picked it up last night.
      I think you are attaching an agenda to the video that isn’t there. I would of loved to have included Sinn Fein, along with the PD’s, the Greens, the Church and a lot of other things. That video would of been an hour long though and I don’t think I could of taken that, so I had to focus on something. I think I need to make something a bit more positive before I go near a part 2!

  7. Ferret McGruber

    Brilliant video Rory. It should be played in every school, every hospital, every workplace, every bank, every media outlet and especially in the Dáil every morning as a reminder to us all of how we have so comprehensively been misrepresented and nailed to the floor by shysters.

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