26 thoughts on “The Lane Of Shame

    1. The Old Boy

      And rightly so.

      “Sorry missus, I know he’s gone with your telly, but it’s double yellows for half a mile out there.”

    1. scottser

      so we don’t knock the establishment now? who do we knock then? can we knock moaney hoors like mickey G?

    2. One Dub

      Oh Lordy, Lordy….
      …why is somebody not saving the Establishment for us…?
      …who the Hell is looking after the horses?

      OMG, look at those pesky foxes, trying to mind their own business…
      …we need to do something about this…

      Tally-fuxxing-ho, etc.

  1. Helen 2.0

    To be fair they’re not blocking all the footpath or all the cycle lane….loads of room for everybody. Seems pretty thoughtful

    1. scottser

      old bill? gor blimey guv, do wot? up the old kent road, apples n pears, my old man’s dustman, laugh? i nearly bought my own beer..

          1. Mikeyfex

            Clicking into this comment after reading the earlier comments 2 mins ago was the funniest thing on the Internet for me this week. Mange tout, italia’90.

  2. Brown Dogg

    O M G! the inhumanity! surely the majority of people agree that the garda ombudsman should get inolved? this is an outrage!

  3. GiGi

    That’ll be the response to the upturn in robberies in Blackrock this week then. Thieves are popping in at around 4-6pm I’m told. Leopardstown hit too this week, you have been warned. My friend who correlates these statistics for a living mentioned that we must lick up tight.

    1. Soundings

      Nice of the Gardai to now provide crime figures, now that the CSO has refused to, because of under-recording, mis-classification and non-recording of crimes by the….Gardai.

      Of course the Gardai could be responding to an emergency above, or a Garda could be after some afternoon delight with the mot in Apartment 6. Who knows, who can tell.

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