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This afternoon.

Free the cheap, ugly lanes.


This afternoon.

Mountview Road, Dublin 15.

Bit of a squeeze, but progress spose.


Spotted on Pottery Road in Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin.

Micheál tweetz:

“Not cool @Enterprise in Pottery Rd. DúnLaoghaire, Ireland, I counted 7 vehicles illegally dumped in the Cycle Lane… at school finishing time, forcing me and my kids (and others) out into the dangerous traffic.”

Daragh tweetz:

“New Low from @Enterprise on Pottery Road Today. Bad enough using adjacent streets as overflow car storage – now the bike lane is gone as well.”

Free the cycle lanes!

This morning.

On Camden Street in Dublin 2.

Cyclists and supporters of I Bike Dublin stand by a dedicated cycle lane as a means to prevent people from parking or driving their cars in the lane.


RTÉ’s Philip Boucher Hayes from the lane stream media LIVE on Camden Street reporting for CycleDrivetime.

Pics: I Bike Dublin and Stíofáin MacLochlainn

On the dedicated cycle lane next to the Alfie Byrne Road, joining Clontarf to East Wall in Dublin…

Citizen Wolf tweetz:

These 2 images were taken within 100m of each other. 1st taken [yesterday]. 2nd one week ago. Utterly shameful. How about building safe segregated cycle infra & not just pretending with paint.

Velo City 2019?


Citizen Wolf tweetz:

Also from last week on the same stretch of cycle-track…..

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