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A normal sight on Ryders Row, Dublin 1

What can be done?

Does anyone care?

Who will free the lanes?

This afternoon.

Ryders Row, Dublin 1.

Anonymously-assembled makeshift vigilante street furniture to help #freethecyclelanes.


Thanks ‘ings

Top pic: Stephen McManus

This morning.

Thomas Street, Dublin

Dhaughton writes:

On the left is a cycle lane running along Thomas Street to James’s Street. I counted 18 cars parked in it this morning. The same cars are parked there all day everyday, even though there is a paid carpark on the left.

That road is so dangerous now with the increase in rerouted bus traffic and the increase in traffic from the on-going works in James’s hospital.

You also have to deal with the cars being over the white lines and the cars and buses being forced into your path by the traffic island on the right.

And all that before having to deal with the hell which is the James’s Street Luas tracks just ahead.

Earlier: Ah here

Ah here.

This morning.

George’s Lane, Dublin 7

Simon Judge writes:

Hey Dublin City Council, can you tell me why the bicycle lane is out of commission on George’s Lane?

It Seems to be entirely given over to private construction vehicles. Bike lane signs have also removed (top pic)…



This afternoon (3pm).

George’s Lane, Dublin 7.

Anon adds:

There are actually MORE vehicles in that lane now. They clearly don’t care. At least until the gardai ticket them!

Ah here.

Last night

Rémi writes:

A taxi driver has found good use of the new cycling lanes in Clontarf. #ItDidntTakeLong…



Rémi adds:

It occcured at 18:50 yesterday.  I was cycling. Stopped to tell the Taxi driver he was parked on a cycling lane. He told me to fupp off, said he had nowhere else to park…



This morning.

Leeson Street, Dublin 2

Brendan writes:

Normally where the Grand Canal bike path crosses Leeson St. is a choke point, but this was unusual!

An elderly driver on his way to the Eye & Ear hospital became confused and drove 230m along a dedicated bike path. Miraculously no-one was injured.

The woman driving in the photo (above) is a bystander who extricated the car safely from the situation…

In fairness.


North Strand, Dublin 1

Cian Ginty writes:

In planning since 2012, the Clontarf to City Centre Cycle Route was supposed to provide a fully segregated two-way cycle path between the existing coastal path at Clontarf and the city centre, via Fairview and North Strand.

But instead the council has opted for a non-continuous cycle route which mixes cycling with buses, heavy traffic and pedestrians.

The solution is to return to a design with a continuous two-way cycle path on the east side of the road along the route. This is the safest, most space efficient, and most attractive option for most people who cycle now and those who will cycle when conditions are improved.

Please sign and share our petition below if you agree.

Petition here

Pic: IrishCycle.com

Thanks Serv