The Shape Of Your Heart


Bear 1Bear 48 Cut Out3-1-1

Specified things that look like Ireland.

Includes ‘basket case’ and bonus bear-shaped illusion.

Jenny Walsh writes:

I have a couple of new Ireland shaped designs and a few people have suggested I get in touch with you about them. The first is called ‘The Country Shaped Like A Bear’ and has a bear hidden inside Ireland’s silhouette. Do you see it? Made by drawing, laser cutting and then glueing 11 layers of corrugated card, this bowl makes a great desk tidy (€30).

The Irish bowl is designed to subtly contain the shape of Ireland without being too obvious or twee. Made from 15 pieces of beautifully finished 4mm thick birch plywood with 50 hand-glued joints at €55. They are available from my website [link below] and come with free delivery and complimentary gift wrapping in silver paper with a red satin ribbon. Order by Friday for Xmas delivery…


*prepares hand-glued joint*

Jenny Walsh Design

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee just uncomplicated cuddles.

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