Making Singer Sing



‘Singers Corner’ Washington Street and Grand Parade, Cork

Gregory Higgins writes:

The people of Cork have had something very special to look at over the last number of weeks thanks to Johnny Bugler of Cork Printmakers [and artists Conall Cary, Fiona Kelly, Dominic Fee and Cathal Duane]. They have transformed Singers Corner [Johnny drew his inspiration from the old black sewing machines Singer’s Sewing Shop once sold below] and this very cool video (above) shows the transformation….

9 thoughts on “Making Singer Sing

  1. Selfie Sensation

    I don’t particularly care for it, the colours don’t work in that setting in my opinion and the scale of the design is too small making it appear much to busy from the street level.

    Full marks for intent and effort though.

    1. Where's Frilly?

      I don’t either

      The colour was more of a bronzie gold and only lightly featured on the black

      That’s like a vaudeville curtain

  2. Where's Frilly?

    One of my fav Cork Stories

    Singers Corner

    “Maaaaamm deres da fückin’ number aiteeeee”

    Sound of a stingy clatter

    “Didn’t I tell youuuu nat’ta fückin’ point”

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      It’s no Mannix & Culhane, though.
      The Central Shoe Stores shut down last week, did you hear that?

  3. Kieran NYC

    Are they listening to Neil Prenderville on the radio in the background? Ew.

    Other than that – looks great!

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