For Your Consideration: Ringsend


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Little Prince Productions writes:

We at Little Prince just released our first Irish short. It was an independant production, filmed in Ringsend, Dublin with an all Irish cast [including Jack Gleeson and Aaron Blu Heffernan] and crew, in association with Wonderfulgood art collective. We thought we’d pass it on to you kind folk.


Little Prince Productions

18 thoughts on “For Your Consideration: Ringsend

  1. Shayna

    Hmm… I watched all @7mins, waiting for x. I don’t won’t to be negative about Irish film makers, but…, the camera work was great, sound – excellent!

  2. Mt

    Really enjoyed that, well shot and great script. Had no issue with voice over until very last sentence, had to replay. Thumbs up otherwise

  3. Bingo Slimz

    I was a bit late to Game of Thrones (2014). A boy with more experience of ‘Thrones’ informed me that young Joffrey, the King, was from Dublin, that he goes to Leinster matches at the RDS, and people give him abuse. One of my highlights of 2014. Thought I’d share it. Excuse me.

          1. Gav D

            Or…. a fact. That hes from Dublin. Which can be backed up by him having gone to school there.

  4. Conor

    Jack Gleeson isn’t credited but Maurice Florence is. Google tells me that’s a pseudonym for Michel Foucault. Hmmm. Anyone?

  5. Shane

    Some decent lines in it. The title of ‘Ringsend’ seems unnecessary seen as its almost entirely set indoors. I would have used a title that framed the content of the video a bit better.

    1. Doolally

      I thought the title was perfect. The relevance isn’t clear at first but the skyline in the final scene is instantly recognisable as Ringsend and works allusively on so many levels: ringing in the end of the piece; the wringing to his end of each character, i.e. one being wrung out of his mind by neuroses, potentially wringing the neck of the other; and the closure of a circle or loop, e.g. the culmination of a loop of crazy fixated thoughts or the outcome of frustrated artistic expression in an alienating social circle. Ok, probably stretching with that last one, but layers of symbolism from one word is definitely in keeping with such a richly worded script and plot device of expression through language. Whatever the intent, I liked the title very much indeed. The writing is brave and it’s great to see a young creative set (they seem to be early 20s?) bold enough to commit to something chewier than most homegrown efforts posted here for our consideration.

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