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    1. Soundings

      Masters and Johnson don’t do Ireland, but in the US, hetero sodomy dwarves homo sodomy. Maybe BS should do a survey for Ireland….

  1. Procrasto

    well they didnt hang around I’ll give em that. But I’ll never give em ‘one,’ the sex fiends! Nasty nasty hypocrisy

    1. scottser

      you can expect a lot more of this nonsense over the next few months. don’t take it too seriously frilly – we need you at your p1ss-taking best over the next while..

      1. Frilly Keane

        I’ll do my best

        But when kids are used like this I’m useless
        This manipulative behavior/ tactic / campaign strategy just turns my stomach


        1. Alison

          This lot are honest though. It may be as offensive and unpleasant as it can get but it smacks of honest-to-God no-beating-about-the-bush (lol) prejudice. They can be trusted with the extent and vehemence of their message. We know where they’re coming from. In fairness to ABM, I would put him in this category.

          It is, however, the veiled and window-dressed bigotry and prejudice of certain outfits and “institutes” of which one stands out above all others, who, despite being equally motivated by hardline religious views, twist and manipulate with soothing platitudes, quack result-seeking dubious “research” and innuendo-laden arguments. This sort of outlandish amd nefarious dishonesty by the use of smokescreen and insidious innuendo makes my skin crawl and deserves far more ire and criticism than a few knock-off Westboro Baptist nut-jobs handing out poorly executed flyers on Grafton Street.

    1. well

      Only wholesome christian love making ,with the lights off,by married couples in the missionary position for procreation purposes only.

      In the background you can hear David Quinn speaking on Today with Sean O’Rourke playing on the radio.

  2. Stewart Curry

    “Hello butsexx my old friend
    I’ve come to talk with you again
    Because two dads loudly shagging
    Spent their seeds while I was sleeping
    And the vision that was planted
    In my brain still remains
    Within the sound of sodomy”

    1. Joe the Lion

      I hate to be pedantic but if they were you know only at it with other lads how did they become dads?

      1. FK

        A woman sat on a chair one of them had sat on without something at least as thick as a phone book in between her and the chair. Isn’t that how it happens, Sister Anne?

  3. munkifisht

    Sound of sodomy? Sodomy as they call it, or anal sex has little to do with the gay marriage debate. Anyone gay care to correct me, but as far as I’m aware many homosexual couples do not engage in anal sex, and I would doubt most female homosexuals are interested in anal sex, and of course there is a proportion of the straight population who indulge in anal sex in both sexes. Anal has nothing to do with it, but even if it is, is the sound of anal sex much like the sound of any other sex (slarp slarp trapped gas fart etc)?

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Oh, no. It’s MUCH worse. It sounds like the hounds of hell being let loose.
      I wouldn’t know that for a fact, though, being pure of heart.

    2. Frilly Keane

      Has there been a post yet on Broadsheet that has used “sex” as much as Munky did just now

  4. zackersetu

    erm .. i’m sure that regardless of back bottom or front bottom (thank you Miranda Hart) … sex sounds like sex!!! Personally I’d be more worried for the children hearing any type of sex…especially a screamer. God myself and my husband used to live next door to a guy and a girl …and she was so very loud. Hell, I was scarred … not to mention any little kid (like say for instance this couple’s 3 year old who was in the next room to them).

    On a serious note tho. Our Broadsheet buds have a huge point… it is going to be a very long few months and there are going to be an awful lot of hurtful things said and simply put homophobes been given free reign, thanks to our shameful Broadcasting Regulator. All of us in favour need to vote, but more so we need to have the chats with people we know, who maybe on the fence. Ireland hasn’t been out of the dark ages for too long and if the Irish people’s tendency (myself included) to avoid talking about anything to do with feelings, love or sex … especially sex… is going to be the biggest issue. If you know someone who is voting no, please talk to them, ask them why, and let them know what you are voting yes. If you know someone who isn’t going to vote, tell them that this is vital … its the chance to actually be heard, to step out of apathy and be counted for something momentous. It’s not another referendum on European treaties that have political effects, and really even though I might had hinted earlier it’s not even a referendum about sex at all (to once again refer the broadsheet post re the sound of sodomy and all the ridiculousness that entails); it’s about dignity. its about your brothers, sisters, maybe parents, aunts and uncles; your neighbours, your colleagues, and your friends. Remember though, It is also about the people you will never meet, even once, in your entire life, but, for whom, your vote will have a lasting and profound effect. Lets, once and for all, make a statement that there is more to life than which the church has tried to indoctrinate into us, which lets be honest is an archaic and poisoned view. [for the record I use the term church, as in catholic, as that was my upbringing, but , the same goes for several faiths and several different incarnations of them] and those people who feel that their blind faith in dogma and old rooted hate, is actually right!!! I would like to be able to call my husband, my husband, without having to qualify it as…well actually my civil partner, as the law doesn’t actually recognise my family as it would a straight man who has just married a woman, he met three months ago or vice versa!

    Now because the BAI requires balance …. remember the bible says ONCE that men doing naughty things with men is bad … Slaves are good, stoning is perfectly acceptable, women are basically unclean, and don’t even get me started on single parents, and their children born out of wedlock! Listen to the priests and their parroting flock; after all, the church would never lie, they would never condone injustice and they certainly maintain officially that they are all 100% straight and thats what matters isn’t it!

    just going to leave this here: https://www.google.ie/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CDgQFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.huffingtonpost.com%2F2013%2F03%2F12%2Fvatican-gay-sauna_n_2858995.html&ei=wraqVJCTN5DzoAS91IGADA&usg=AFQjCNHWD6hEqGTk9k5Hsv3q7Js8JysjdQ&bvm=bv.82001339,d.cGU

  5. JimmytheHead

    So wait… do kids like hearing straight parents bang?

    These christians and their crazy traditions, you’ll tell me they follow an immortal jewish zombie next!

  6. cacotechny

    The hills are alive with the sounds of sodomy.
    .. cinerarium.files.wordpress.com/2012/01/sound-of-music.jpg

  7. OnTheUp

    It’s strange that the anti-gay marriage stance always seem to focus on gay men and not gay women.
    Are gay women deemed less immoral than gay men?

    Is there a a companion pamphlet asking: “Should children be exposed to sounds of scissoring?’

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      The church loves to talk about what is in women’s uteruses and men’s bums. Massive pervos

    2. tinyd

      This nasty leaflet is another confirmation that most anti-gay sentiment seems to boil down to an obsession with anal sex so I guess that gay women are (mostly) off the radar.

      1. Fancy Dan

        In Victorian times a law against sex between men was made but sex between women wasn’t included apparently because Queen Victoria didn’t believe there was such a thing as gay women. If it’s good enough for Queen Victoria……..

      2. Alison

        Ah, fond memories of ABM and his now trademark “bloodied underpants”. Now there is one man with an anal sex fixation. One would have thought this post would have been right up ABM’s alley? Strange he is missing the opportunity to show off his expertise in this area.

  8. Bluebeard

    In fairness its a simple and direct question. For me the answer is a firm ‘no’. Surprised so many here are sitting on the fence, but then again it’s BS so who knows.

    1. Alison

      LOL – “a firm no” to sodomy then? Shucks, waiting until marriage? Let’s hope the referendum passes for you. I’ll be voting yes, mainly because I’ve yet to hear a convincing argument against extending marriage to same-sex couples.

  9. Spaghetti Hoop

    Given that the radio stations currently have empty chairs for the anti-gay marriage brigade, it will be hilarious to see if this leaflet sparks off the debate from their corner. Can it get any more pathetic than this?

  10. Odis

    What does sodomy sound like?
    I’ve led a sheltered life, by the way, and never had to suffer the sound of it, as a child.

    1. Frilly Keane

      I’d say it was the New ReBoot Lucinda Party meself

      This is the sorta stuff you need ta’ be doing if you want a million bucks in party donations

      1. Gerry Johns

        Wouldn’t say it was them. In her launch statement she said she had “reservations” about SSM at first but now would be voting for it.

        1. Frilly Keane

          Ah yeah. They’ll say anything in front of a camera

          But a million deep war chest doesn’t fill itself

          This leaflet drop is a money spinner
          And right up Lucinda’s RightBoot

        2. Alison

          Could be the hilariously useless but outrageously imperious Fidelma Healy Eames who is not happy with Lucinda’s new found conversion to marriage for same-sex couples. She’ll do anything to raise her profile.

  11. Anne

    I’ve watched some gay porn.. it sounds the exact same as straight sodomy really.
    Two women now… them sounds be noisy.

  12. Nice Anne (Dammit)

    Yes, they should be protected from this sound and the sound of the priests zip coming down before it happens too….

    Wait until this lot find out that some parents have intercourse in the same house as their poor innocent little kiddies live…. it will be the laundries for the lot of them. For their own protection like.

    PS Anyone know the diffrence between the sounds of sodomy and intercourse?

  13. Nice Anne (Dammit)

    Yes, they should be protected from this sound and the sound of the priests zip coming down before it happens too….

    Wait until this lot find out that some parents have intercourse in the same house as their poor innocent little kiddies live…. it will be the laundries for the lot of them. For their own protection like.

    PS Anyone know the diffrence between the sounds of sodomy and intercourse?

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