Ixnay With The Elfsies


Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 12.39.46 selfie
Behold: the next evolutionary spasm of the selfie –  Nixie, an autonomous drone that can be worn as a bracelet until you deploy it to fly off, take a snap of you then return.

Showcased back in December at Intel’s CES keynote conference, the vanity quadcopter is still in development.

Start queuing now. Send pictures of yourself standing in line.


((H/T: Graeme Kelly)

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16 thoughts on “Ixnay With The Elfsies

  1. Mani

    I will pledge 100 euro to the kickstarter that promises to hack this product resulting in the drone flying at full tilt into the face of the owner, maiming them for life.

    1. Jess

      I will pledge an extra 200 to the person who invents the time machine, goes back in time and brutally murders the person who invented the word selfie taking pictures of it from a first person perspective as god intended!

      1. Continuity Jay-Z

        I’ve coined the word ‘strangie’. It is when another person takes a photo of you.

        I should get a job with Ireland’s Own.

    1. realPolithicks

      I like your prototype, it needs some development though(the sharp ends need to point out, for instance).
      Throw it out on Kickstarter, you’ll definitely round up a few quid.

  2. Murtles

    We will never be able to purchase this product in Ireland because :
    (a) D’weather. Sean, Mary and Thomasheen are standing on the pier all dickied up like those cool americans and Sean throws the Nixie for a selfie where immediately a sharp gust of wind takes it out and into the sea never to be seen again. He might as well just have thrown his wallet into the sea instead.
    (b) D’dogs. Too many feckers are now walking their dogs while carrying sticks, hurleys & sliotars and those stupid looking plasticy things that can project a tennis balls miles to entertain their mutts. Ireland has become home to the most yappy, thrown n’ fetch dog culture in Europe and as soon as Sean throws his Nixie to take a picture of himself, Mary and Thomasheen on the beach, BAM!, Tickles the bastarding terrier is on it like white on rice and all Sean has left to show is one propellor and auto uploaded pics to his instagram of the inside of a dogs colon.
    (c) D’angry folk. Sean, Mary and Thomasheen are spending their last few bob in the pub as they are now on their 3rd Nixie. As they find a nice spot, Sean launches it for a photo and on it’s return, a six foot six shaved gorilla like gent called Masher is on his way to the jacks and gets clipped by the returning Nixie. Mayhen ensues and all Sean has left to show for it, as he waits in the overcrowded A&E, is one propellor and auto uploaded pics to his instagram of the inside of his own colon.

    TL:DR – Nixie would never work in Ireland

  3. Soundings

    Is there someone standing out of shot on the left hand side of the video, catching this contraption and flinging it back at the three chancers on the right hand side?

    1. (name)

      would assume you throw it out, it stops at a certain distance away, takes a photo then comes back to its original location.
      Like a battery powered boomerang camera

  4. Mr. T.

    I dare some techie to wear a suit on stage instead of the usual Jobbsesque black v-neck and jeans.

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