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Grafton Street, Dublin 2

The ‘sheet‘s Vanessa Foran (her off the telly!) and Neil Curran (him off the telly what also produces!) conduct an afternoon vox-pop on the heatwave with flower seller Craig (top right with Vanessa and Neil), among others, sharing their thoughts.

Contains: ‘heat-induced’ iffy camera work, rambling from behind the mic and, frankly, startling post-production techno music ‘stings’.

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Are we there yet?

Eoghan McQuinn writes:

…a vox pop in which I push the capitalist agenda, generally annoy people and act “festive” on the streets of Dublin…./blockquote>

Camera by Sinead Houlihan

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.56.05

Turn and face the strange.

Stewart Lambert writes:

On the streets of Dublin, I put the question “What has been the biggest change in your life and how did you deal with it?” to the public. I was surprised and encouraged by their honesty.

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John Gallen writes:

Found this guy, Corey Gil-Shuster on the tube and his ‘The Ask Project’ where people send in questions, and the guy asks randomers (Israeli and / Palestinians in Israel) for answers…

Happy drunks with an aversion to horrible conquerors.

Fair enough, in fairness.

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The full version of traveller journalist (top pic) Tracie Joyce’s video essay, featured in the first episode of Norah’s Traveller Academy on RTE2 tonight.

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The Derrynane Robot Club take to the streets of Cork to discover things like when the history of the city was created and what people’s favourite Summer about Winter is.

By the end, you won’t know less about Cork than you didn’t unaware of, subsequently.

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French journalism student Lorena Gaillot set out on a quest through Williamsburg in Brooklyn to discover the elusive definition of the term ‘hipster’.

The hipsters didn’t like it.

Damn hipsters



A thorough vox pop on current feelings ‘on the street’ towards the Household Charge by Peter O’Doherty (camera) and Cathal Brennan (questions).


Frank Cronin of Glowpunk writes:

We made this video [yesterday] and by chance a homeless man asked could he be part of it and make a new year’s resolution. We found it very moving and as a result became almost the story behind the video. He had quite an impact on us when we got home to edit the footage and realised that his desires for the new year were incredibly pragmatic compared to ours. We hope that perhaps it will help raise awareness although the message is intentionally not too obvious. He appears near the end. Made us think about our priorities in 2012.


Dublin’s progress this year in the ancient, little known rural pursuit, ‘hurling’, inspires today’s question.

From The Line (Ireland) home of the intelligent vox pop.