Are You A Leinster Fan?


Clinch visit FanFootageThe Dublin HQ of FanFootage

Going to the Castres game at the RDS tomorrow?

Will you be filming?

FanFootage (the Dublin bred start-up that ingeniously syncs fan videos with decent audio) wants YOU.

Cathal Furey writes:

Leinster Rugby are looking fans to film their match-day experience at the Castres games in the RDS tomorrow and upload their videos to FanFootage? Here’s what the last Leinster Rugby FanFootage video turned out like:  (a much warmer Ballsbridge for the PRO12 final last May)

Fanfootage is starting to get a lot of interest from sports clubs and leagues worldwide looking to tap into the potential of harnessing fan-shot videos at sports events. It would be great if the lovely community helped spread the word about this and got involved themselves, so we’ll have a great case study to land a small Irish startup those crucial international deals and employ some more people here in Dublin.

Filming tomorrow? Click here


10 thoughts on “Are You A Leinster Fan?

  1. Drogg

    Yes of course crowd source your shaky iPhone footage and put real cameramen with years of experience and training out of business.

    1. Mikeyfex

      I wouldn’t go that far, Drogg. There’s apparently an appetite for this but I’d not expect it to take over.

      Nice bolding there, Bodger.

  2. BroadBag

    Great, encourage even more a-holes to have their phones out constantly during gigs, thus ruining it for people who would rather just live in the moment, dreadful idea.

    1. Cathal from FanFootage

      Bands pick just one FanFootage song to crowd-film when they use our technology at gigs Broadbag. Anyone who does want to film at the show can do it for those 3-4 minutes, and the band end up with are loads of different fan angles to make one great song-length live video. We advise them to tell their fans that they’d prefer if they kept their phones and cameras in their pockets for the rest of the set.

      So FanFootage is actually a good way to reduce the amount of fan-filming throughout the show, while still giving everyone who wants to a chance to capture a video memory for themselves and help make an official live video for the band.

      We don’t like people having their phones out filming constantly during gigs any more than you do, but we reckon one FanFootage song is a fair compromise!

  3. Zaccone

    That video from May was quite cool. Could possibly have done with using a few different music tracks in it to spice it up a bit, but an interesting idea nonetheless.

  4. Custo

    See the cartoon about 3 posts down.

    That’s you that is. That’s you and your mates at a gig.

    Well done.

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