Were You A Mean Girl?



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Catherine Bray writes:

A film I’ve produced is screening at 4pm with live director Q&A at the Light House cinema, Smithfield, Dublin 7… It’s called Beyond Clueless and in the words of i-D Magazine, is “the ultimate movie about teen movies”. .

It’s all about modern teen movies of the ’90s and 00’s, including Mean Girls (2004), She’s All That (1999) and The Girl Next Door (2004).

‘New York Magazine’ said “it deconstructs cliques, party scenes, and devirginations, while also serving as an irresistible guide to the best (and worst-best) teen movies ever.”

The film had its Irish premiere at the Kerry Film Festival with a live score in October, but this is its first Dublin outing. Details below. Thank you.

Beyond Clueless

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9 thoughts on “Were You A Mean Girl?

      1. sickofallthisbs

        He was watching you last night in the bushes – did you not hear the rustling and sighs of relief from outside the window?

  1. JimmytheHead

    Cool trailer, looks lovely but tells you sweet f* all about the film. Is it a documentary or a comedic re-hash of their favourite scenes alá Benny Hill? Im all for mystery (never watch a trailer or read reviews of a film I’m going to see til after) but you really dont give any kind of indication of whats in store for the viewer.

    1. rotide

      I agree, It would be nice to get some sort of taste of the film.

      I assume it’s a doc as it won at a documentary festival. That’s really all i had to go on.

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