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At the request of his fans, evolutionary biologist, fundy-baiter and author Richard Dawkins returns with a sequel to this 2010 video in which he once again reads out unexpurgated hate mail addressed to him from religious fundamentalists and other incensed types.

Filmed by Eric Preston.

NSFW, what with all the hatin’.


Dear Broadsheet

I am the press officer at the European Commission representation in Ireland. It looks like you are facilitiating hate mail which could be the subject of a Garda investigation (hate email is illegal, last time I looked).
Since “Dirky” left a comment on ‘Who Is Barbara Nolan?’ inviting people to email her, hate mail has been arriving in this office, possibly ochestrated, as the messages are similar. Examples available. Please tell me how you will deal with this?


1) We were on a flight to Abu Dhabi when it was posted. We have the boarding pass.

2) Blame “Dirky”

3) Run.

4) Express surprise as Barbara’s email is publicly available (last time we looked).

5) Encourage emails inciting love.

6) Say soz and move on.

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