If You Can’t Beat Him



There is no escape

A trailer from episode one of Conor ‘The Ubiquitous’ McGregor’s new series, The Notorious, which starts on Monday at 10pm on RTÉ Two.

Melanie O’Connor writes:

“In episode 1, we find McGregor recovering from a knee injury after his win against Max Holloway last August. As he battles through gruelling physio and training, he must get back to his peak for his first fight in 10 months against Brazilian Diego Brandao. On home soil, McGregor must prove his worth as a sold-out O2 Arena awaits his arrival. With exclusive access, we see his team training in Iceland, his girlfriend and family adjusting to fame and the rigorous preparation required for a bout in the UFC.”

Thanks Melanie

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13 thoughts on “If You Can’t Beat Him

    1. Soundings

      Caught his fight the other night and his opponent spent the 1.5 rounds retreating and (badly) protecting his face, was a total mis-match. Looked like wrestlemania with real punches. In fairness, McGregor is a showman with a strong image, and appears good at what he does. Good luck to him, but an RTE series, ie more than one programme?

    2. ReproBertie

      Is that what the “true martial art supporters” told you? I must have missed the survey.

      I like it. It’s much more entertaining that the Tae Kwon Do in the Olympics where the ref’s have to tell the contestants to actually fight each other and stop just bouncing around.

    1. dhaughton99

      Well its either this or they will have to continue with the James Bond megamix and the Father Ted boxset f*pp session they call a schedule.

  1. Jimmy 2 tones

    Yeah unfortunately loads of unsavory people follow sport but the sane can be said for the football team & other sports. Fair play to the guy for making quick cash. But when if he starts losing in his next few fights he will look like the biggest clown the sport has ever seen.

    1. ReproBertie

      Yeah, what a clown! Dedicating himself to his training and competing to the point where’s he’s ranked fourth in his division and has a title fight in May in Las Vegas.

      Conor, like Katie Taylor, should be an inspiration to any Irish person. Through hard work and dedication they have achieved incredible success and long may it continue.

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