A Year In The Nip


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Members of St Patrick’s Catholic Youths Football Club [CYFC] Ringsend have created a nude calendar involving players and groundstaff in aid of Our Lady’s Hospice in Blackrock.

The last of the 2015 calendars  are going for €10 and can be bought from any club member or at The Irishtown House, in Irishtown; The Bath pub on Bath Avenue; or Slattery’s Pub in Beggars Bush, all in Dublin 4.

Ah go on.

St Patrick’s CYFC Ringsend

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6 thoughts on “A Year In The Nip

  1. Llareggub

    God, that’s a spooky ugly looking calendar. Not sexy, not anything. If anything those black and white pictures looks like scenes from a concentration camp. Awful.

  2. Jordofthejungle

    Yikes – my eyes! Looks like something ABM would have on his kitchen wall.

    Genetics have arguably failed this lot. Need to mix it up a bit.

  3. missred

    There is an Irish farmers, a doctors’, a fireman’s calendar. All of them are quite easy on the eye. This lot, oh jesus christ, I want to pour bleach over it. Creepy as hell

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