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William HamiltonNativity.

By Dublin-born photographer William Hamilton.

William writes:

This picture was taken in County Mayo, in the lead up to Christmas. As I drove by I laughed, and I had to turn the car around, pull in, and take the shot. To me it is a uniquely Irish scene. There was obviously care taken assembling the figures, and its got the religious element, but sometimes over here we might not be the best with the finer details. The old car trailer parked in a mucky pathway was the funny part for me. Also it kind of looks like it may have been abandoned there. But I like the fact that someone put this together, for the passers by…

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A chat with William

16 thoughts on “This Week’s Le Cool Dublin Cover

  1. Joe the Lion

    Some of you on here sound like you have never been outside your own front door.

    Believe it or not there is a whole world of non-gayness out there!

  2. parky mark

    As for it being uniquely Irish, I don’t think Willy Hamil has travelled much. I find lots of other countries far outshine Ireland in religious comedy of this type. Try rural Italy for a start.

    1. Rashers Tierney

      That’s the point though. This being uniquely Irish is true, just like funny religious things in Italy are often very uniquely Italian.

      1. parky mark

        I don’t think you understood me. I’ve seen the same thing in Italy, Bolivia, Spain, Argentina, Philippines. The only difference being the wall and house type in the background. So if you mean the house is uniquely Irish then maybe you are right. The religious statues, definitely not.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    I think it’s gross, not religious comedy at all. Reminds me of the brainwashed and the pieces of painted clay that they adore. Even their own religion doesn’t condone it.

  4. Kieran NYC

    Sometimes I wish Ireland had become fully-Protestantised just for their lack of feckin’ statues.

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