Decent Irish Hip Hop: Boss Level 3


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Boss Level Part Three

Literally a whole new level

Alan Newman writes:

Back in November 2013 we released a Music video called ‘Boss level‘ that featured eight rappers from across Ireland. It was the start of big things for Irish Hip Hop and its development.

In April 2014 we released Boss level part Two which features Irish alongside two heavyweight UK MC’s in an effort to broaden the audience of the project. This lead to a TV spot on RTE2’s Twotube, FM104’s Open Mic, plus three slots at Electric Picnic and many more

Part Three features 90’s USA Hip Hop legend & member of the super group ‘Jurassic 5‘, ‘Akil The MC’. Akil stands alongside seven other Irish Rapper’s to further push the boundaries of the Irish presence among the international Hip Hop stage.

Any feedback welcome.

Boss Level Series (Facebook)

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13 thoughts on “Decent Irish Hip Hop: Boss Level 3

  1. concernedobserver

    Has potential.

    Could do with a bit more about smacking b***hes around the place and getting ***k sucked by the local ho.

    1. Mikeyfex

      Nice. But I’m 2 months off the toot and listening to that there has just set me back about 7 weeks.

    2. Custo

      Seen GI & Costello supporting Talib Kweli at the Sugar Club.

      Bought a CD but haven’t listened to it because they were s**** & boring.

      1. Royal M

        I bet only bought the CD because either GI or Costello sorted you out with a bit of smoke for the gig

  2. eamonn clancy

    Siyo Young, Dublin’s best kept secret. Until now. His back catalogue is top drawer stuff.

  3. JimmytheHead

    Great to see local lads working with an international legend like Akil the Mc from J5 (probably my fav hiphop group of all time) and a great looking video from the Lambert fella

  4. Haze

    I am super picky when it comes to hip hop/rap and when I see Alan Newman, Jonathan Lambert and crew involved I automatically get excited to see their work. They get top class musicians involved and are all such great people. Also Collie not only is a talent in his own performance but he masters a lot of the work and the work of other acts like an act I saw tonight being pushed by IMRO and Hotpress called Lethal Dialect. This whole Boss Level team are the top standard for irish hip hop / rap for me

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