A Defiant Grower




Fueled by performance enhancing drugs…

Tom Moylan writes:

European Commission’s predictions for the next two years of economic performance for Ireland were released today…Also (below) for Europe in general…




Via Directorate General for Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission

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11 thoughts on “A Defiant Grower

      1. timble

        well we exceeded the original EU predictions for 2013 and 2014, exiting a bailout programme, getting our debt to GDP ratio, budget deficit and unemployment rate below the Troika predictions along with an expansionary budget for 2015 increasing expenditure by €1 Bn rather than adjusting by €2.5bn. But whatever. Austerity must be ended – oh wait what do you mean it ended. We must do what Greece does. It worked so well there.

  1. scottser

    it’s that whole bit about ‘gross public debt as % of gdp’ that makes a bit of a nonsense of all the other figures.

    1. Paolo

      No, we need the other figures to improve in order to reduce our debt ratio. The other figures are not nonsensical, they are essential.

      Hopefully, when our debt is back down to manageable levels, we can then elect a truly socialist Government that protects the weakest, punishes the criminal and lazy and rewards hard workers.

      1. Diddley Aye

        And since when has a Socialist Government ever done any of those things. I notice you expect some other type of government to do the heavy lifting before the Reds get in to bring welfare to the masses

  2. leesider

    So, unless I’m reading the figures on the gross public debt as a percentage of GDP arseways, by my reckoning we’ll have 0% public debt as a percentage of GDP in about 21 years at the current rate we’re cutting it – an average of about 5% a year since 2013. I thought it would take much longer.

    What exactly is gross public debt? Is there a net figure as well that discounts something?

  3. dhaughton99

    I think they pluck these numbers out of their hole. Every other country seem to be heading into depression but we are punk rock super stars. Or maybe its all the Apple IE inc double-dutch, ice-cream sandwich money.

  4. timble

    The important thing is that we adopt the policies that have worked so well for Greece and other Southern European countires by adandoning all the reforms that worked in Ireland and pretend we can borrow money from someone else to fund lifestyles we can’t afford.

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