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fitz[John Fitzgerald of the ESRI]

The ESRI predicted gross national product (GNP), which strips out the effects of multinational profit flows, would grow by 3.5 per cent this year, and by 3.7 per cent in 2015, rates of growth not seen since 2006.“After a long period of attrition, we are approaching the end of the very painful period of fiscal adjustment,” it said.


[Sunday Tribune, March 15, 2009]


Ireland is now back on a growth path, says ESRI (irish Times)

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They knew.

Tomorrow’s Sunday Independent.


It is documented how senior officials repeatedly removed, erased and dismissed such warnings in favour of more optimistic language.

A number of those senior civil servants implicated still occupy key positions in the Department of Finance and the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

Revealed: The Whistleblower Whose warnings Predicted Crash (Daniel McConnell and Tom Lyons, Sunday Independent)