Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?



Patrick Lyttle (above with friend) has been discharged from an Australian hospital, a month after he was left critically ill when allegedly punched by his brother.

The Antrim-man, 31, fell and hit his head in Sydney on 3 January.

He was on life support at St Vincent’s Hospital for almost a week before regaining consciousness.

His 33-year-old brother Barry is charged with assault causing grievous bodily harm. He has been released on bail.

First snap of Patrick Lyttle out of hospital (The irish Echo)

Thanks Mark Geary

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11 thoughts on “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

    1. SLFC Ultra

      Ahhhhh go on the fighting Irish… sure us Irish always fight each other… ESPECIALLY when drinking HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAH.
      Here to takeover baby!

      PS- Delighted to see he’s been discharged.

  1. Joe the Lion

    Can’t believe the amount of attention this got. It’s happening virtually every day of the week somewhere in this country and probably every day if you’re a traveller.

    1. Robfromdublin

      It’s national news in Australia due to the proliferation of the so-called ‘cowards punch’ and legislative attempts to stop people killing each other while drunk.

      Delighted it’s turned out ok, and that his brother was under the blood alcohol reading that would have meant a lengthy mandatory sentence.

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