Behold the card to end all cards, with a catch.

Swyp is a credit card sized metal device that stores all your debit, credit, loyalty and gift cards. It’s accepted everywhere and works with a companion app to track your purchasing behaviour.

The catch, for now, is that it’s limited to cards issued in the US.


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13 thoughts on “Multipass!

  1. Bar

    So you give that card to the cashier/waiter and they can easily access all the cards you have stored on it by clicking the left and right arrows. Wow that is a game changer, credit card skimmers will love that!

  2. Micko

    Is using NFC to do all this not just an easier option?

    Like Apple Pay, Google Wallet etc

    Since you have your phone on you all the time anyway.

  3. Omar Sarhan

    ‘Sorry I can’t pay, I forgot to charge my phone and bank card’ … :Rolleyes:
    If you are carrying more than four debit/credit you are probably managing your finances incorrectly, coming up with a technical solution to streamline the inability to manage ones finances correctly is not a meaningful solution.

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