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Let’s Put Dublin on the Board of the New Global MONOPOLY Game; Vote Now! (Fluff And Fripperies)

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13 thoughts on “Dublinopoly

  1. Soundings

    Water Works? Not for sale (for now)

    Free Parking? Yeah, right.

    And, shame on you for placing Guinness in the same sequence as #Monopoly. Diageo is not a monopoly and it’s complete coincidence that Irish pubs pay 20% more for beer than English counterparts (even when the beer is produced in Dublin).

      1. Soundings

        “informed industry sources have said the price of beer sold to publicans in Ireland is up to 20 per cent higher than in the UK”


        “I don’t want to put pressure on Diageo, but we [Wetherspoons pubs] simply baulked at paying a higher price for Guinness in Ireland than we do in the UK”

        Cheeky feckers, using our water, spewing fumes across Dublin (there is a distinct stench across much of Dublin 8, especially in Rialto, Liberties) and then to scalp your customers?

          1. Soundings

            Any chance you’ve become inured to it Clampers. I certainly get a distinctive hoppy smell all around that area. “Stench” might be going too far, it’s not like dead carcasses or Montana parfum de femmes, but it’s not pleasant either.

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